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Leading Events In The Gaiscioch Family

Leadership is one of the most critical aspects of having a successful community. You can have thousands of people involved but unless there are activities to participate in the crowd will grow restless. Leaders come in many varieties. Some don't think they have what it takes to lead, but lead very well. Some have lead in the past and know how to encourage and motivate people to better themselves. Others demand respect and try to force their way into the leadership seat. Our family is designed to keep the self proclaimed leaders out of the leadership seat.

Leading is not about telling people what to do or how to do it. It's not about being a dictator. It's about encouraging & motivating people to better themselves. It's about building confidence in your troops, building morale, and most importantly fostering healthy relationships among your followers. The Gaisicoch family is all about building memories and friendships. That is our end game goal in whatever it is we are doing. Leaders within our family must be calm under pressure, be the rock for all to lead on, show confidence in their decisions and stick by them even when things go bad. They must never push blame on others, never belittle those who follow and always be accountable for their choices.

Being a leader is not for everyone. It takes a great deal of patience and perseverance. However those that do lead will find greater glory within the Gaiscioch Family. We honor those who make things happen, who spend their nights and weekends planning activities not only for our family but for our community as a whole. It is a highly encouraged practice to involve the server community in anything we do. The Gaiscioch family recruits by action, not words. Therefore our only way of finding new members is through our community involvement and leadership.

Taking this all into consideration there are several systems in place to help monitor and guide leaders to greater victories. There are 20 Valor Ranks that can be obtained through leading and coleading events within the family, there are 10 warlord ranks which allow you to take on tougher foes, and there is the Tokens of Valor which you will earn from your peers that act as their endorsement of your leadership skills.

The Valor Ranks

Rank Badge Valor Rank Valor Points
1 Devoted Visionary 25
2 Pack Master 50
3 Devoted Pack Master 100
4 Apprentice Tribesmen 250
5 Tribesmen 500
6 Master Tribesmen 1,000
7 Apprentice Leader 1,500
8 Leader 2,000
9 Decorated Leader 2,500
10 Master Leader 5,000
11 Tactician 10,000
12 Decorated Tactician 20,000
13 Grandmaster Tactician 30,000
14 General 40,000
15 Decorated General 50,000
16 Grandmaster General 60,000
17 Warlord 70,000
18 Master Warlord 80,000
19 Grandmaster Warlord 90,000
20 Legendary Grandmaster Warlord 100,000


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