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A Collection of Blogs & Member Created Content

April 30 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: Target playing today in Plains of Ashford
We all had fun targeting each other in the beginning, before start of the event. When we finally did take off, Grand Ma Fog went around the northwest area and got every one their POIs, hearts, vistas and hero points. She then went to the south perimeter through Ashford Forum. We had alot of events pop up and lots of fighting and farming to be had by all. Grand Ma Fog was having issues at the end getting the Paenula Train heart, so we stopped there to finish things up and will meet at the Ashford Waypoint next week...
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April 28 2016
Tide Posted a Battle Recap: Fractal fun!
We subdued an evil hammer that attempts to kill its wielder! We turned into balding Asuras and killed ferocious sharp-tooth dogs! We went into the land of hot hot lava and rescued dancing civilians from a shiny harpy! It was a glorious glorious day!
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April 26 2016
Kitty Posted a Battle Recap: Glorious wvw fun!!
Tide guided us to many victories! We relieved preassure from other borderlands by attacking keeps and calling zergs upon zergs on us, but it was fun! :D We had many fights, even won more than half. 10/10 Will follow the Tide again >:3
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April 23 2016
Omnia Posted a Battle Recap: We are Family - In game title event
GSCH and Teaghlach grouped up at the waterfall E of Ehwaz for a photo shoot. Screenshots were taken and submitted to receive in-game title.
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April 18 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: Good Bye Metrica and Hoelbrak

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April 16 2016
Jace Posted a Battle Recap: Lost on a Boat
Finneal took the reigns this week as he lead us around the island and got us alot of xp. We all had a blast sitting on his boat and finding islands we never could without him.
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April 16 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: Another fun morning with Gma Fog
Thank you all for coming to Black Citadel and Guild Halls Adventures this morning. Gma had a little toon today and we made all the vistas on our own! It was a great unstressed time of map clearing. After we were done with Black Citadel, Gma took us to both SORC and Na Rall Guild halls to get the waypoints. We also had a chance to get to Fog's Office. Many made it with hard work - Some opted to try on their own time. Fun had by all. Next week Gma will be gone to grandson's birthday party, so we will resume the week after in Plains of Ashford.
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April 14 2016
Terafer Posted a Battle Recap: Terafer's Teragriff's Taking Towers, Taverns and Targets!
It started slowly, The Dedicated Crew, Great players that grace our server. You came tonight gathering at towers, or camps, or even with a quick swing thru Citadel. You came and fought for our server, for each other, for the moments of clarity in the midst of all chaos and confusion of a fight that stands on the razors edge of victory or re-spawn. Tonight we accomplished a great number of things that are not contained in the overall weekly score. We cleared and held all three of our Keeps and by the end of the evening all of our towers as well with a 150/ppt...
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April 14 2016
Kitty Posted a Battle Recap: A wonderful Slo-Mo DragonStand
Shmi tooks us to a wonderful land full of loot, achievos and shinies. We braved the events, went different lanes this time under a few different tags, but reciving Shmi's advice and guidance by voicecomms. Finally I got my last DS achievo, Dragonhunter Bombardier!! :D Saddly I had to leave a bit early because I took my vertigo pill and it knock me down into nap-lands. I thank Shmi for doing wonderful event :3 for it was fun and lots of patience
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April 12 2016
Jace Posted a Battle Recap: FIRST MEDIUM SUBJUGATION!
This was our very first subjugation mission and we completed it without issue! woot woot!
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April 11 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: One more week in Metrica
Thank you all for coming to my event. We had lots of fighting to do today. Lots of things to farm too. We made it through the west and north perimeter. The only thing left to do is the middle areas. Happy times and with the slow pace makes it fun for beginners. We actually walked everyone through a hard vista today and we all made it without a mesmer. We will meet at Rana Landing Complex Waypoint next week as this is our next area to do with vista, heart, POI. Great job everyone!
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April 10 2016
Lilanya Posted a Blog: Triumphant in the end.
On April 9th five of us bravely battled our way into the inner sanctum of an Elder Dragon. Upon directly engaging with the dragon, it seemed for a moment our party would be defeated, but in the end we were triumphant.
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April 02 2016
Jace Posted a Battle Recap: Knowledge Group
Got about ten people to go on the first ever knowledge group. It wasn't as eventful as some might have wanted. The idea was to start small and work our way up. We got all of Olvia and Velia " People of X" completed. Next week we will meet up and do the locations of eastern and western balenos.
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April 02 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: Gma in Snowden Drifts
Thank you all for coming today. I had an awesome group of people! We started at Highpass Haven Waypoint eating food and getting our banner. We did the whole north perimeter fighting champions, getting hero points, POIs and vistas. Half my group had to leave early so we went as far southwest as Skradden Waypoint and did the two hearts northeast and east of that waypoint. We sill start at Skradden Waypoint next week and will move south into the Glisterice Caves. If you did leave early and still have hearts to do, I will help you at the finish of the map to catch you up, or just pm me and I can help you during the week...
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March 27 2016
Orangecrush Posted a Battle Recap: Getting rocks
We all clicked "r" and got a bunch of rocks.
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March 21 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: Caledon Forest Is glad Gma is leaving.
We all have had a wonderful time in Caledon this last couple of weeks. Many are learning how to use their new found gliding skills and others learning how to jump off cliffs. Either way Gma keeps track of all and helps where needed. There is always something new each week to learn. We did take a sidetrack in the beginning to get the Wurm champ for our daily. Never know where we will go or end up. Thank you all for coming. We will jump over to Rata Sum next week and maybe get another tour of either SORC or Na Rall Guild Hall...
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March 20 2016
CaptCaveman Posted a Blog: PvP for the first time in GW2
just wanted to share a memory and an experience, I had my friend Jesse aka Ghost of 10 years to join GSCH told him that it was the best choice I have ever made in this game. The Leadership is OUTSTANDING and the support of the Elder's and Commander's are as well OUTSTANDING and that he should join. anyway he talked me into PvP and was very glad to be teamed up with other members Soren and 2 other's sorry mates forgot your names but I will get to know them, So I would say that PvP just may be in my future along with WvW...
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March 14 2016
LeslieoftheStars Posted a Blog: Star's Raiders
Hello all, Star's Raiders began a year ago on February 28, 2015 as pick up for Aoibheanne. She was instrumental in lifting my confidence to take on the task of Commanding in WvW. Rayne also taught me some important basics and siege placement in our old Borderlands. I would first like to thank both of them for their confidence in me and their help during some stressful times that comes with wearing the tag. This past year I have learned so many things, especially how to be patient and keep a happy face despite what the obstacle may be...
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March 10 2016
Rayko Posted a Battle Recap:
Fog leads us on a whirlwind tour of lower Auridon that included: fights in Goblin infested caves, putting out fires, facing purple undead floating things and of course cliff jumping! Looking forward to part 2, Same AD Faction same AD characters!
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March 09 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: Event change for Gma Fog.
Hello Faithful followers. As there weren't enough people in the beginning of the event. I couldn't claim it until another showed. I think for the time being, I am going to take this event off the calendars until my shoulder is better. It will give me another day to rest. Thanks and will see you all on my Monday and Saturday events.
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