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A Collection of Blogs & Member Created Content

October 27 2016
MtDewd Posted a Blog: A first for the MTDEWD.
Tonight I joined the guild in rift for my first ever raid. It was a little overwhelming, but a lot of fun. I will try to join the guild more often and do these events cause they are a lot of fun. Hope everyone has a good night.
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October 20 2016
Caludon Posted a Battle Recap: GSCH strikes back against the Mad King!
The weather has started to turn chilly and rumor has spread that once again, the Mad King has come to torment the lands of Tyria. The GSCH leadership cried- "This will not stand!" Lachshmi gathered a large throng of compatriots from the guild this morning and we journeyed into the Mad King's Labyrinth to send his minions back into the underworld from whence they came. The call was heeded to enthusiastically that Shmi had to deputize Kitty to lead a 2nd squad of valiant adventurers into the land of skeletons, candy corn, and odd door portals...
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October 18 2016
Kitty Posted a Battle Recap: Kitty's fractal event?
BAMBALOOZED AGAIN! It was Jay who helped me run the event while I was gone doing the stream with Fog :3 Hope you guys had fun! :D
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October 14 2016
Hygeliac Posted a Guide: Rift Macro Guide
This is a basic guide to get your macros working and how to successfully construct them. Rule 1: Spelling is Critical. Ability names and commands must be exact. Rule 2: each macro will cast 1 ability for 1 button push. (it is which ability that is the key to a good macro) Rule 3: The order of commands is the difference between a great and a crap macro. GETTING STARTED Open the macro window using the esc key menu. I also find it helpful to have the abilities window open as well. Below when ever {Ability} appears, it means the EXACT ability name, no brackets...
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October 09 2016
JamesHunt Posted a Battle Recap:
This is the first time I have ever done a Raid event in Guild Wars 2. I am not disappointed. This is really "hardcore." I feel sorry for us not being able to get to the end and slay the boss Slothasor. As a first-timer I was really confused. There is a lot of things going on: 1. Pay attention you are not being poisoned 2. Pay attention you are not being fixated by the boss 3. Pay attention to not walk into the green poop 4. Pay attention to not shoot your teammates (a few of my arrow flew into a transformed' JayRF - so embarrassed) 5...
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October 08 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: Happy Times with Gma
We had a great time taking pictures for Gma and map clearing the Grove, Rata Sum, and Guild Hall. Everyone was very helpful to keep all together and getting our POIs, Vistas, and Waypoints. Thank you all! It was a wonderfully large group today! Very fun!
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October 06 2016
Caludon Posted a Battle Recap: Elefun in the mists
It was a grand evening as Hella's call gathered a massive throng of weilders of the elemental magic to help him wreak havoc in the Jade Quarry lands. The group went camp to camp, tower to tower, and generally annoyed the local defenders. The commander group's instructions and help for the new recruits to the band were appreciated as the group became gelled into a fierce fighting unit. For the glory of GSCH!
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October 06 2016
Kitty Posted a Battle Recap: Thought it was Smitty's event? Bamboozled again! :3
And Kitty led the group for many shinies, ran bravely from JQ and BG zergs, even managed to steal a couple of towers with the zerg angerly staring from the door!!! :3 I heard people having fun :D
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September 25 2016
Frelll Posted a Battle Recap:
I had to leave part way through due to an important phone call. Sorry for that. Other than that, we seem to be making progress towards a sloth kill very nicely.
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September 21 2016
Terafer Posted a Battle Recap: Smitty's Sabers fight on in Crystal Desert!
With the vacationing Smitty away on much earned vacation. The Sabers took on Crystal Desert! Thank You all for your participation and support and I am sure we will see and hear Smitty again soon. I know I can not sing like you Smitty but I did manage this: With apologies to Mr Bernstein. (To the tune of I’m so pretty West Side Story) I’m Not Smitty Oh Not Smitty I’m not Smitty but I’m witty and and bright And I pity any one who’s not Gaiscioch tonight! I feel Zergy Oh so Zergy It’s alarming how Zergy I feel Still not Smitty I can hardly believe it’s all real...
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September 19 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: OldGoat?? Really! SO Happy!
Yup, after Gma's event, I see this long lost person asking if someone wants to do a dungeon. Is it? Really? IT'S OLD GOAT!!! I jumped at the chance. We got a group together and in his calm quiet style, Old Goat gave us direction on how to do the Citadel of Flame. We did it slowly, step by step and had it done in record time. Love it! It is good to see him again and hopefully he will be able to do this once again. Thank you Goat, for a great time!
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September 07 2016
Twilah Posted a Battle Recap: Vault of the Wardens
It was dark, but Carwyn had a bubble of light she carried and we all hid behind her. The names of the groundhogs have been changed to protect the innocent. Wait, did you hear a skittering sound?
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September 02 2016
Dracojan Posted a Battle Recap: Group Silver Mining
Several of us gathered together to prospect for silver, then dig a mine to gather and refine the ore.
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August 31 2016
Jordan Posted a Battle Recap: great zone
Great zone to learn with friends... two quest lines in two hours. Took a long time but was great.
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August 28 2016
Jordan Posted a Battle Recap:
Gwyn was very supportive of me trying to heal for the first time. We got pretty far. Alas the final boss was too much for me. Good description of the fights and when things got tough she was always positive
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August 25 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: Smitty Sabres WOW
It was a rough lesson last night but I think we are getting a bit better at sticking to the tag. Dragonsbrand loved mowing us over and I actually think they were following us. Anyway, Smitty did his best trying to teach us how to work together. We practiced in Guild Hall in the beginning and continued the practice in dessert and alpine borderlands. Thank you for all your patience Smitty. Love learning these things.
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August 24 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: Great time Finishing Brisban Wildlands
Great group today! We found all the POIs that were hiding from us and finished the center area of the map. We had time left, so Gma Fog asked the group if they just wanted to find some fights to finish off the day. Of Course the answer was, "YES".. So off we went finding champions to fight in Brisban Wildlands.. Never knew there were so many. We had a great time helping each other running around the map and wreaking havoc as usual. Next Monday we are map clearing Rata Sum and then will be adventuring in our guild hall to see all the upgrades and get the waypoints...
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August 15 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: A busy day in Brisban
We found a few vets on the southern perimeter of the marsh and wildlands, did our hearts, POIs, hero points and vistas. Then all hell broke loose! Gee Ma Fog spent the other half her event getting lost in the skritt tunnels, BUT we found all the hero points and waypoints. We also managed to help each other with the hearts and POIs. We all had fun working together to find our way.. Awesome group. I love it!!! Thanks a bunch for all your help today. There is a time change starting next week - We will start at 2pm PST and end between 3:30/3:45 timeframe.
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August 08 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: Welcome to Brisban Wildlands
We had a great group today! Welcome to my new followers. We started out Watchful Source Waypoint. Receive our banner. Eating Zucchini Bread (thanks JR) and Omnomberry bars (thanks Bharat) on the way around enjoying new voices in our group. We started north on the east border and went counterclockwise around the perimeter. We had lots of battles that helped with our hearts; collected lots of shinies on the way. Gee Ma Fog had full bags at the end and Gillian was kind enough to put out a Black Lion Trader...
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July 30 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: Welcome new followers
Today at Gma's event we had some new followers - and some old followers that have returned. Welcome Dellesanne, Emoira and Brathaif Mor! Nice to see you! We finished Queensdale and will be moving to Kessex Hills. I will decide which waypoint in a few days.
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