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A Collection of Blogs & Member Created Content

January 11 2017
Mairel Posted a Blog: Any Interest in Creating an (In-Game) Gaiscioch Guild Hall in ESO?
Pardon me if this has already been discussed, but I was unable to find any content on the web site regarding an in-game ESO Gaiscioch Guild Hall. With the coming of the housing system in February, I was wondering if anyone in ESO would be interested in contributing for the purchase of a large house or estate for use as Guild Hall for Gaiscioch. For those who wish to spar, or have tournaments, we could make an outdoor arena. I think it would be a nice way to socialize in world and might lead to more spontaneous group events.
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January 07 2017
Jelaraiel Posted a Battle Recap: Long Arm of the Light
We ventured across almost every corner of Kryta valiantly bringing an end to the trouble of the 10 bandit leaders sought by the Shining Blade.
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December 30 2016
Cattrya Posted a Battle Recap: Recap of Endless Eclipse
Under the guidance of Fog and DC Gaiscioch met Raid boss after Raid boss with success and cheese for the guild. My long time foe, Regulos was not allowed to escape, victory was ours!!!!!
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December 27 2016
Cattrya Posted a Battle Recap: Bloodfire Incursion Raid Rift
The four of us intrepid guildees braved the wilds of Steppes of Infinity so Mononic could get his orders from Lady Glasyia. There was death and mayhem but we succeeded. Life is grand.
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December 23 2016
Cattrya Posted a Battle Recap: Fog's Intrepid Adventures
Hammerknell will never be the same after last night. Fog bravely led his team through the mighty fortress despite disconnects, lag, and inability to log into voice chat. Thank you Fog for all that you do for us and for Rift. It is hard to see now, but I feel we will have a great impact on this game's community. (as Gaiscioch has before)
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December 19 2016
Clansman Posted a Battle Recap:
Was a lot of fun, looking forward to more :)
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December 17 2016
Cattrya Posted a Battle Recap: Woot
Had a great time finishing off achievements for old school Green Scale Flight and then we went 3/5 in Mount Sharax! Woot go us!!! Thank you guys
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December 10 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: Great time in Brisban Wildlands

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November 16 2016
Virole Posted a Battle Recap: Long learning session
Big thanks to Bob who hung there for a million and half deaths. Berk and Trent for jumping in early on for hard fights and limited rewards. Mal and Jax for the late night dps and a hanging trough a lot of wipes and blind leadership. We got the final boss to around 30% so we have a good understanding of each stage leading up to the brutal finale. Need some big hitters next week.
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November 15 2016
RobotDancerBloodEye Posted a Battle Recap: Average healing by me
Thanks all for your patience in my first ever attempt at Vet DSA.
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November 13 2016
Slainidh Posted a Battle Recap: Nightmare rifts
We got to level 46 (I believe) on a level 4 nightmare rift and we got to level 75 on a level 1 nightmare rift as well as finishing the guild quest to kill nightmare rift creatures. Oh, and I had a lot of fun. :)
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November 12 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: Short day but a lot accomplished
Thank you all for understanding about Gma's sprained wrist issues. We finished Caledon Forest quickly today and Entered the northern half of Metrica. Managed to fight the Fire Elemental and do the pre event. We then headed out to get a vista and POI and into one more event before Gma called it quits for the morning. It was very productive and emptying the bags was one of our chores to do. Hopefully, next week Gma will be able to do the full 2 hours and we will finish half of Metrica Province! Thank you all again for coming and enjoying the fun!
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November 11 2016
Kitty Posted a Blog: The Long Dark Adventures
So I'll start posting here my adventures in The Long Dark, probably I'll start in the hardest difficulty and post my exploits about it right here :3
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November 09 2016
Frelll Posted a Battle Recap: Forsaken Thicket - Stronghold of the Faithful, Escort Mission
We escorted Glenna towards the Stronghold of the Faithful through waves of white mantle. Upon reaching the gate, we were greeted by a white mantle officer, McLeod The Silent. Using all of our brawn and wit together as a team, we put down Mcleod and broke through the gates. We were met by the sight of Xera and her keep construct. Though we've got a long way to go into the stronghold, we've achieved a victory today that should not be diminished.
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November 06 2016
T Posted a Battle Recap: 1st run ever with u guys
did pvp stuff was good and very useful for a noob like me thanks liking the guild a lot so far
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November 06 2016
T Posted a Battle Recap: 1st time was fun
1st time there was very informative and fun thanks for run
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November 02 2016
Cattrya Posted a Blog: Starfall Prophecy Crafting Preview
I do not plan on spending a lot of time on the PTS, would rather explore it when it is live. :) I am very curious about crafting. So far the mining and foraging nodes are purple and I think the cloth is purple too, interesting color scheme trion. Mining nodes: Atramentium node Forage node: Faecap Mushroom (yes we can honestly say we are doing shrooms hoy vey) Cloth: starweave cloth leather: Starweave hide I looked at crafting to get an idea of components. At first glance they appear to have several expensive vendor items at 2 plat per vendor item and 4-6 various items needed...
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November 01 2016
Jules Posted a Battle Recap: Many Thanks!
I ran my first guild raid tonight with Inosh as the raid leader... Everyone was SO welcoming, patient, courteous and FUN! I haven't been in a guild since shortly after vanilla because, well, I just couldn't find a family environment like the one that made playing WoW fun and friendly. I am so happy to have found Gaiscioch! Thank you to everyone for the great run, the upgrades to my gear (increased 9 points tonight to 830!) and for the socialization all while experiencing new content. I look forward to many more raids, events and socialization...
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October 28 2016
Tip Posted a Battle Recap: Watch Out for Holes!
Yes, we were victorious in our Intrepid Adventures last night, but several of us also discovered that holes in the floor often lead to a swift but temporary death. We had great fun, and look forward to our next meeting in Rift!
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October 27 2016
MtDewd Posted a Blog: A first for the MTDEWD.
Tonight I joined the guild in rift for my first ever raid. It was a little overwhelming, but a lot of fun. I will try to join the guild more often and do these events cause they are a lot of fun. Hope everyone has a good night.
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