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A Collection of Blogs & Member Created Content

June 15 2015
Terafer Posted a Battle Recap: Daggers defend then move on Kaineng and Gate of Madness and EBG!
Great night of strong defense and working well on multiple maps. Led to recapture Stone mist Castle and several towers and camps on EBG, while attacking on both Kaineng BL and Gates of Madness BL. Thak you all for the great event and loads of bags I have to sift through every night. Hope to see you all again next week!
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June 14 2015
KiaKline Posted a Battle Recap:
Our leader has a way to include fun in all she does. I had a blast. She helped me (first time I had ever been to silverwastes) know how to beat bosses and get lots of loot! I will try to join any event she leads in the future.
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June 13 2015
Caludon Posted a Battle Recap: very fun. great explanations by Lakshmi

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June 11 2015
Aoibheann Posted a Battle Recap: Wonderful way to get back into WvW
Thank you all for joining me for my first WvW event in a week or two, it was a great time to be out again running with our guild and it was a very nice surprise to have so many people show up. Thanks to Jay for tagging up and carrying on after I tagged down, hope you had fun with all the omega golems that we built. I plan to resume my 2 day a week WvW schedule starting next week, so keep an eye on the calendar for some small changes. See you out on the Borderlands! Aoibheann Sidhe
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June 09 2015
TernieLaBiscuit Posted a Blog: A little too quiet?
By the title, I mean me. I haven't been writing much lately, about excursions and skirmishes. I probably should be, but I haven't. I've been working at my friend's office while his assistant is on vacation. I told him I'd be happy to do it until my kids are out of summer school. So now, I suppose, is as good a time as any to chat about things, right? AvA.... oh how I love to hate you. I have a love/hate relationship with AvA. I love to go, but hate how it doesn't even truly seem like PvP...
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June 07 2015
Aoibheann Posted a Battle Recap: Beginning PvP
Thank you for coming out to join me for PvP, it was very basic matches, the mechanics of the maps and making points as well as reward tracks and influence. I hope you all had as much fun as I did. I will be adding another class with further instructions and dealing more with builds and strategy in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, we have several people in the guild interested in PvP, so if you want to practice either with our custom arena or hot join with the ranked arenas, I encourage you to do a guild call out and go out together...
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June 07 2015
Zoomzoom Posted a Battle Recap: Never in 1000 attempts
Diving googles: Never would I have ever gotten this achievement. Would never have known where it was. Would have never completed the jumping puzzle part. Would have never hit the water correctly. If not for Lakshmie, Jay and and all the guildies helping out. It was awesome !
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June 06 2015
Coolmuffin Posted a Battle Recap:
always love going on this event. i have so much fun.
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June 05 2015
TernieLaBiscuit Posted a Battle Recap: Vaults of..... falling to your death?!
I probably fell to my death no less than 5 times this most recent run. But thanks for letting me come along anyway! :)
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June 04 2015
Aoibheann Posted a Battle Recap: We got a little side tracked
Well, we started off tinkering with the Heirloom Toy Box and opening the Wintersday skins for the Wintersday Toy Collection achievement. After that we happily played with the Maize Balm bombs to collect trick-or-treat bags in Bloodtide Coast & Fields of Ruin for the Tricks and Treats collection Achievement. Finally we ended up doing the Speedy Reader Achievement in Ebonhawke, just because we were there. Thank you all for coming out, and I will re-schedule a time for us to work on the achievements that we missed today...
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June 03 2015
LeslieoftheStars Posted a Battle Recap: Star's Havoc takes SMC!
A great night again with our small havoc group! We made sure to refresh siege through out the run and had eyes on our home borderland at all times. A lot of the night was spent defending, retaking the camps that kept getting hit, and fights. We bounced to Kaining a few times and managed to take one of their T3 towers, as well as a few others. When our borderland turned all blue again later in the evening, Tor said we should take back our keep in EB. I am not as familiar with EB as some of the other Commanders are, however, I could not say no:)...
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June 01 2015
Coaxochdas Posted a Battle Recap: Thanks for running all these Verve

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May 31 2015
Zoomzoom Posted a Battle Recap: terafer gathers the mighty army
And we found little to stand in our way. Seeing a large batch of lich forms charge the towers was a site to behold. Even the map channel had a number of comments to the effect of being rolled by a swarm of necros.
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May 31 2015
Zoomzoom Posted a Battle Recap: the best leadership I have seen
Lakshmie's calm and clear communication is by far the best I have seen in GW2. Everything is well explained, and the result is a large group acting in unison. Hence we dropped that sandy ogre dude even in the face of all those orange circles !
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May 30 2015
Oldgoat Posted a Battle Recap: Nice run
Well led. That goat guy needs to shut up.
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May 29 2015
Aoibheann Posted a Battle Recap: Jumping Puzzles galore
Big thanks to Jay for the assistance in leading the second party, as well as jumping and porting people around as needed. We managed to do all the JP's that we can't be ported straight into. Good times and a great job by one and all. If you have anymore jumping puzzles that you need still need to finish up your achievements, just send me a whisper in game and I can probably help you get them all completed. Haven't decided yet what we are going to be doing for next week, so keep an eye out for changes...
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May 28 2015
Jjrdragon Posted a Battle Recap: Veteran, Spider filled, hateful (but fun!), Veteran Fungal Grotto
Having been here before and been sent home packing with broken armor by Gaymne Bandu. We returned to scene of the crime with the aid of Amalmer (I hope I spelled that right) and a random late night DPS we found in zone. With some insight from our new guild friend, some patience, sheer stubbornness, soul shards, and a few hours, we emerged scathed but Undaunted (I won't sing that terrible Undaunted song). There was much to learn and some really fun, and not so fun, fight mechanics. Gaymne met her end, for at least few minutes, along with all the other foul denizens of the Grotto of Fungus...
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May 27 2015
Tor Posted a Battle Recap:
Jumped in about the middle of the event. Enjoyed taking our towers back and jumping to EmBay to take some of their stuff too.
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May 26 2015
LeslieoftheStars Posted a Battle Recap: Star's Explorables
Great dungeon running all and a great turn out! We had enough to make two dungeon teams and completed SE 1 and AC 3 with me talking to all of you in GameVox:). A special thanks to R.C. for leading the other team in the runs. You had no mic and communicated through chat comms extremely well. Good job everyone!
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May 26 2015
Aoibheann Posted a Battle Recap: Morning run
Thank you all for coming out to join me for some fun on the borderlands this morning. I am still a bit foggy from the antihistamines that I am taking, but I did my best this morning for a short run. I will be back next week for more WvW, and I will do either one or two mornings events depending on how the allergy situation is by then. The good news is that for the 90 minutes that we were out in WvW, we took 5 keeps, 4 towers, 7 supply camps and successfully defended twice. I would say that was a very fine job! For those of you going on the Beta testing today, enjoy! and come tell us all the wonderful new things that are coming our way...
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