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The Tuatha Library
A Collection of Blogs & Member Created Content

May 17 2016
Ludoki Posted a Battle Recap: Gathering Mission (Small)
Gather 700 Stone in 120min: 30k Cost Rewards: 1k Guild XP, 0.7M Guild Silver
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May 16 2016
Lilou Posted a Blog: World of Warcraft Legion Beta: Boooooomkin!
So, the second thing I did with my beta access was to log in and check out the changes to balance druids. I had heard that they had completely redesigned the gameplay AGAIN and I was very curious to see what that entails. If you've played a boomkin, you will know all about the balance bar that you have to juggle, going from lunar and solar and back again, over and over. Blizzard's concern with this was that the balance bar reduces boomkin gameplay to watching the bar go back and forth and there's not a lot of room within that mechanic for changing things up...
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May 16 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: Snowden drifts flying, farming, fighting.
Today we did the three F's Flying, farming and fighting. In the process we had a few champion fights, hero points, hearts and POIs. Fun time had by all - Next week we will start at Skradden Waypoint and head south on the west perimeter. Thank you all for helping and running together!
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May 15 2016
Omnia Posted a Battle Recap: BDO Find & Feast
This weeks winners: 1 - Jace 2 - Finneal 3 - Katerinne
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May 14 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: Diessa Plateau Fun
Thank you Winterlight and Smitty for porting us around when needed. We started at the strawberry fields in Diessa Plateau and then went on the western perimeter lighting torches and fighting ghosts. Then stopped in for a dredge fight and feeding charr. Got all the way up to the northern border and continued fighting all the way to the Incendio area. If you left early, we got the vista and the heart in that area and stopped. Next week we will start back at Nolan Waypoint and take the Southern perimeter east ...
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May 14 2016
Paleus Posted a Battle Recap: Night and Day
One would argue that a fruit is a fruit, however in the land of Tamriel, Blueberries and Bananas are not equal. Bananas without the fruit fly tactic - pretty sad, aside from a few notables. Blueberries are worth the challenge to eat. Simply add a smattering of cream and sugar and viola... brain food. The fruit basket is also known as the Arboretum or the slang - The Gauntlet.
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May 13 2016
Lilou Posted a Blog: World of Warcraft: Legion Beta - Baby Demon Hunter!
So I am lucky enough to have a beta invite for the new World of Warcraft expansion, and since there is no NDA I thought I might share some thoughts and observations here for anyone who might be interested in what Blizzard has in store. I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but don't read if you want it all to be a surprise! (I should point out here that I have read nothing about this stuff prior to this, so I'm sure all of it could be gleaned from other sources. I learn by doing, so I just chose to jump in and poke around and then bore other people with my "discoveries"...
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May 12 2016
Tanek Posted a Blog: Operation Dented Helm!
An urgent request from the city of Heidel, who were worried about a threat on their eastern flank, caused the combined forces of GSCH and Teaghlach to venture deep into enemy territory to inflict damage upon the Helm forces. The three hour operation, led by Jayce, caused significant harm to the enemy forces and was roundly declared a success! More combined forces operations are planned for the future.
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May 11 2016
Virole Posted a Battle Recap:
Pugs run amok. Good patience from the leadership, but herding cats is impossible.
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May 10 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: On to Snowden Drifts
Our wonderful group worked together to finish off Wayfarer Foothills. We farmed, got the final vistas, POIs and hero points. Found a few events on the way to the portal to Snowden Drifts. We entered through Wayfarers in the Northwest corner. Came into Snowden Drifts at Highpass Haven Waypoint. We finished up the first heart and went to get the vista in the northeastern cave. Fun fun times. WJ Mist (Gma Fog) will meet everyone next week at the same waypoint and we will have continued fun and raise some havoc.
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May 09 2016
Twilah Posted a Battle Recap: Overwatch SoEA
The team play of this game is really amazing. Not only is map knowledge crucial, but there are opportunities to switch characters within a match! So being fluid with multiple roles is a big bonus. The controls are minimal, giving you the opportunity to focus on the environment and position of other players. Gameplay is incredibly smooth, the graphics are beautiful and the characters have some great emotes.
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May 08 2016
Twilah Posted a Battle Recap: WoW Social Adventure first weekly meeting
Our first meeting was a meet and greet in Stormwind on Mother's Day. We talked about our path for the next two months as we wait for the Legion patch to drop - building a [GSCH] foundation. We would like to have at least a couple more mentors step up as that program rolls out, so as we add new members to the Family we can show them that this isn't just another WoW guild, but a chance for them to join the Gaiscioch Family. We also set a couple regular events on the guild calendar.
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May 07 2016
Pyr0 Posted a Battle Recap: Vet White Gold Tower - helm run
@pyr0xyrecuprotite (DPS), @Fogazi (DPS), @HolyHeart2012 (healer), and a tank friend of Fogazi's. We started off well and were able to get through most mobs without too much bother. The Planar Inhibitor wiped us a few times; lots of adds spawning, unfortunately. The final Molag Kena fight got a bit ugly though, as a couple of people seemed to die very fast and frequently, which made it hard to kill the boss. We did finally complete the dungeon though - huzzah!
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May 07 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: Havok was caused in Plains of Ashford
Yes it was a great group today, playing with portals, flying and getting the map cleared. We had alot of little events and veterans to fight. We finished the map! Next week we will head out to Diessa Plateau and meet at Nolan Waypoint, continuing to cause havok. Very proud of all your teamwork in getting through the hearts, POIs, vistas, hero points and events!
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May 02 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: Quiet Day in Wayfarers
Just a weird day all around - we got a lot of farming, hearts, POIs and vistas today. Events were very slow. We didn't wait around for them but had a great time doing our hearts and flying around. We finished the northern perimeter and will start where we left off at Dolyak Pass Waypoint next week. WJ Mist thanks you for joining her in the map clear.
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April 30 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: Target playing today in Plains of Ashford
We all had fun targeting each other in the beginning, before start of the event. When we finally did take off, Grand Ma Fog went around the northwest area and got every one their POIs, hearts, vistas and hero points. She then went to the south perimeter through Ashford Forum. We had alot of events pop up and lots of fighting and farming to be had by all. Grand Ma Fog was having issues at the end getting the Paenula Train heart, so we stopped there to finish things up and will meet at the Ashford Waypoint next week...
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April 28 2016
Tide Posted a Battle Recap: Fractal fun!
We subdued an evil hammer that attempts to kill its wielder! We turned into balding Asuras and killed ferocious sharp-tooth dogs! We went into the land of hot hot lava and rescued dancing civilians from a shiny harpy! It was a glorious glorious day!
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April 26 2016
Kitty Posted a Battle Recap: Glorious wvw fun!!
Tide guided us to many victories! We relieved preassure from other borderlands by attacking keeps and calling zergs upon zergs on us, but it was fun! :D We had many fights, even won more than half. 10/10 Will follow the Tide again >:3
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April 23 2016
Omnia Posted a Battle Recap: We are Family - In game title event
GSCH and Teaghlach grouped up at the waterfall E of Ehwaz for a photo shoot. Screenshots were taken and submitted to receive in-game title.
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April 18 2016
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: Good Bye Metrica and Hoelbrak

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