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Laoch na Aracos

Valor Record

Valor is signified by ones ability to stand strong in the heat of battle. Leaders of family events must show their valor by leading troops into combat and bringing our troops through the battle successfully. The victories below highlight Rylocke's accomplishments on the battlefield as a leader.

The Elder Scrolls Online
Objective Victories Current Title
Elite Public Dungeon Boss 32 Skilled Mythical Creature Slayer
Public Dungeon Boss 25 Skilled Trophy Hunter
Public Dungeon 18 Novice Dungeon Crawler
Dungeon Objective 12 Novice Dungeon Completionist
Group Dungeon 6 none
Dark Anchor 1 none
Guild Wars 2
Objective Victories Current Title
Dungeon Stage 5 none
Story Dungeon 1 none
Objective Victories Current Title
Boss Creature 756 Master Head Collector
Family Event 159 Veteran Party Animal
Raid Dungeon 83 Seasoned Slayer of Giants
Expert Dungeon 50 Seasoned Dungeon Dweller
Onslaught 3 none
Dungeon 3 none
Expert Rift 1 none
Elite Creature 1 none

Stories of Valor:

"good Run after the buff up took are time completed it great walk though with instuctions at every turn

  - Bipcil, Sep. 21. 2012

"Here ya go man"
  - Sages, Aug. 30. 2012

"He did an absolute great job with the entire raid. He explained the fights quickly and was able to get everyone many achievements and the Swift Soulbound Charger."
  - Hedgie, Aug. 30. 2012

"It was a great time running with you again, man. You're doing an absolutely wonderful job leading, and it truly was an honor to be grouped with you. I hope to be along with your future RoS runs, and I'm glad to see you've moved up in the world, and are doing so wonderfully since your first run through GSB and RoS with me. :) You've definitely become a leader to be looked up to within the family! Keep it going strong, man!"
  - SulousCiero, Aug. 30. 2012

"Any way to get ryclops to cut half his mindless chatter out ? would be nice. "
  - Bay, Aug. 30. 2012

"Thanks for the patience, Rylocke. :) It was good fun! Glad I had the opportunity to come with."
  - Liali, Aug. 16. 2012

"Thank you I had a lot of fun. Since joining Gasisicoch I discovering many thing I thought I could not do such as raid, conquest, are possible with a family that looks out for each other.
This raid tonight show how you are an example of everything the guild stands for. "

  - Diella, Aug. 16. 2012

"hey bro not enough nakedness. whats up with that?! LOL

  - Ryclops, Aug. 09. 2012

"great having you back you bring flare humor and success to the raid"
  - HULK, Aug. 09. 2012

"As always Rylocke is the Master of Chaos. Always good to run with you Ry :)"
  - Finnean, Aug. 09. 2012

"Great to have you back, though it was my first time with you running. Was a great time and hopefully can continue to join you guys! "
  - Schaab, Aug. 09. 2012

"Rylocke did a fantastic job explaining the fights and what he expected from everyone. What better testement to his great job, than my first time in I receibed the River of souls conqueror achievment."
  - Reychk, Jul. 08. 2012

"Did a great job of dealing with a raid member that was having connection problems and made new members of the raid very comfortable."
  - Dommm, Jul. 05. 2012

"Awesome raid leader. Thanks for being patient with me. I've been away from Rift for a while and this group made jumping in and doing something completely new not only possible, but fun as well. Thanks!"
  - Meishka, Jul. 02. 2012

"Always a good run with you leading!

  - Neckbeard, Jul. 02. 2012

"Excellent are organized and patient. Thanks!"
  - Seridove, Jul. 01. 2012

"Thank you for a wonderful run. It's nice to have a raid leader that stays calm and know how to get people to work together. "
  - Sky, Jun. 30. 2012

"Very helpful, wonderful teacher... thank you for the awesome runs!"
  - Ellaena, Jun. 11. 2012

"ty for letting this newby to raids go u rocked as a leader keep it up"
  - Crazygirlash, Jun. 11. 2012

"Rylocke, you are the most patient leader and give clear, concise explanations."
  - Rhaene, Jun. 10. 2012

"Explains the way to do things simply and quickly, and is an easy Leader to follow"
  - Moks, Jun. 10. 2012

"Thanks for the run, you are a great quarterback!"
  - Arazar, Jun. 10. 2012

"Great teacher and patient. "
  - Miraj, Jun. 05. 2012

"you did an outstanding job..never had it explained so well..and it went very smooth, thank you for my FIRST completed raid exp!"
  - Drifter, Jun. 04. 2012

"Excellent leader, very thorough, very patient and runs a very smooth fun raid"
  - Gillivray, Jun. 04. 2012

"Great job as always! I still can't leave you tokens, but I realized recently I had never left you a comment, so this'll have to work instead of a token. ;-) You make raiding fun even when we're making mistakes or wiping constantly. You take the time to instruct newbies and make sure everyone is having fun so that the group as a whole prospers instead of just being dragged along. You have excellent leadership qualities and put them to good use for the 'family'. So thanks!"
  - Kethryveris, Jun. 04. 2012

"I'd heard Rylocke's raids were awesome- this is very true! I got to tag along with them tonight and had a lot of fun. I think the way he does things really encompasses all the qualities the Gaiscioch want in someone running large endgame PvE raid groups for the family. He's very calm and takes the time to explain things in a way that's easy to understand, shares what he knows in a way that's kind and respectful, and takes the time to help others even after the raid's over- I heard him taking people to the dummies in Sanctum at the end of the raid to work on something or another. People like that make raiding something fun to do, not a massive ball of stress that rolls you over. I hope he leads more groups, the raiding side of the family would really benefit from it! "
  - Belonia, Jun. 03. 2012

"How much did he pay you all to post these nice things?!

j/k Rylocke rocks. Great leader."

  - Vaygrent, Jun. 02. 2012

"Really enjoyed last nights run, thank you"
  - Seacoral, Jun. 01. 2012

"Rylocke is a great leader who has a knack for simply explaining fight mechanics so all can understand.I'd run with him anytime."
  - Tuug, May. 27. 2012

"Thankd for my horsey!"
  - Kaleesi, May. 17. 2012

"Very patient, gives very good explanations of the fights and leads the raids very well. Excellent sense of humor. Overall, wonderful leader."
  - Architect, May. 14. 2012

"awesome raid leader Kind , patient, encouraging,knowledgeable

  - Cari, May. 14. 2012

"Good job explaining. Thank you for running with a newb. I hope to run with you again."
  - Emandor, May. 10. 2012

"Great explanations of battles and had a lot of patience with people who were new to raiding. Hats off to him."
  - Thoel, May. 10. 2012

"Very good leader. this was my first time in a raid, and I felt his explanations were clear and concise. I enjoyed it very much."
  - Jes, May. 10. 2012

"Thanks so much; it was a great run!"
  - Keani, May. 03. 2012

"You did a great job explaining the fights to us."
  - Janette, May. 03. 2012

"was a great time leadership was top notch"
  - Clayton, Apr. 26. 2012

"excellent guidance, smoothest run and we almost got Silgen without really trying "
  - Rorozoro, Apr. 26. 2012

"Excellent raid and good times all around!"
  - Astinoth, Apr. 18. 2012

"Patient with a player that came back after a long hiatus (me)"
  - Scillaen, Apr. 13. 2012

"This was my first official event with the family and it went great. Tanking, healing and generaly flow and pace of the raid was top notch."
  - Bloodshryke, Apr. 13. 2012

"Smooth, almost flawless raid. Very enjoyable run."
  - Haggal, Apr. 12. 2012

"This was my first full clear of RoS and Rylocke did a great job of explaining the fights and being patient with the people who were in there for the first time. "
  - Wyrick, Apr. 12. 2012

"perfect run for a first timer!"
  - Daxx, Apr. 08. 2012

"Ry did a fantastic job leading the RoS raid this evening! He was very patience and clear on many of the encounters in the raid. He provided great leadership and communication to deliver one of the best (and fastest) RoS clears I've ever participated in. Looking forward to joining more raids in the future!"
  - Marcellinus, Apr. 08. 2012

"Great run brahbiwan-kenobi."
  - Roo, Apr. 07. 2012

"Great leader, very informational."
  - Rifia, Apr. 06. 2012

"Calm and collected even on bad pulls. Explained exactly what needed to be explained. I had a blast!"
  - Evantha, Mar. 29. 2012

"Smooth ride :D in psychedelic colors"
  - Oyphisis, Mar. 19. 2012

"good run "
  - Aishlin, Mar. 15. 2012

"Clear instructions, fabulous dps and heals. Made for one of the best raids I've ever been on!"
  - Ravendark, Mar. 14. 2012

"well done again Ry...."
  - Kaleo, Mar. 14. 2012

"A well-deserved token, excellent leadership!"
  - Maena, Mar. 01. 2012

"very patient with new people, no stress on wipes or dumb mistakes"
  - Bropunn, Mar. 01. 2012

"Great explainations. Thanks for the run!"
  - Nenelar, Feb. 10. 2012

"Led a nice quick run and helped me learn how to claim credit for a Gaiscioch event."
  - Moeri, Feb. 07. 2012

"Way to stay cool.... :)"
  - Treaa, Feb. 06. 2012

"great patience buddy

  - Boozer, Feb. 06. 2012

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