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Getting Started

Are you ready to join a social adventure? Social Adventures are much like our Gaiscioch chapters except the Leadership & Fellowship system has been replaced with a more streamlined time based event claiming system. Leaders and Followers are awarded the same amount of points in the form of the new Social Points. Social Points are a secondary metric used in calculating your Family Honor Points and Family Vault Credits. Similar to Artisan, Lore and Discovery points, Social Points can be used to fill the secondary point requirements to earn your next rank.

Additionally, you will also gain Game Experience as you participate in more events. As you gain experience you will gain new levels, badges and titles to display on your profile. Show off your expertise in a game with these all new awards.

Social Adventure Types

As we designed this new system one of the important choices we made was to allow players to have the option to choose an official adventure where we have someone in charge of inviting and maintaining a structured community within a game, or choose to venture into a game with some friends for a unstructured gameplay session. We broke this into two types of adventures, Official Adventures and Open Adventures.

Official Adventures

These are carefully selected Official Adventures have the "GSCH" guild formed within. These small to medium sized communities will be featured in our main adventure directory and have their own forum, progression, and awards systems in place. You can gain EXP for playing each of these and unlock special badges on your profile.

Each of the official adventures will also feature a list of sibling guilds where you can find other Gaiscioch members to play with as well as their focus. Keep in mind that each of the sibling guilds are freestanding and not controlled by Gaiscioch. The experiences in these communities might vary. Our official GSCH guild will be governed by the Gaiscioch bylaws and etiquette.

As Social Adventures grow they can unlock more features. Official Social Adventures are divided up into 4 Tiers.

  • Grand Adventures
    More than 100 active players
    These typically will have players on during peak times to group up and adventure with. Most will have some sort of unscheduled events going on regularly.
  • Epic Adventures
    From 25 - 100 active players
    These will sometimes have players online for pickup activities however the vast majority of the time players will sign on for scheduled events.
  • Social Adventures
    From 5 - 25 active players
    These adventures will rely heavily on scheduling events and planning activities with pre-existing friends. It will be unlikely that you will find people online without pre-planning.
  • Potential Adventures
    Unreleased Games
    Games that show a significant demand verbally will be added to the Potential Adventure list to measure interest levels. If enough people show interest at launch we will form up an Official Adventure within the title.

Open Adventures

Additionally, you can even run Open Adventures in games that are not included in the official lineup. These can be created in you evil laboratory or dreamed up in you brilliant mind. Anything and everything you can think of doing with 4 Gaiscioch members you can claim for social points. From 4-player co-operative console games to MMORPGs, any activity a member can dream of where 2 or more members claim participation will be eligible to earn social point. While these adventures do not have badges, forums, progression, or structure, they will help members build their Social points which will allow them to earn Family Vault Credits to spend in the loot vault. Social points for these adventures will be awarded at half the rate of an official adventure.

Understanding Population & Managing Expectations

Gaiscioch is built from the ground up with Casual Players. Casual Players are defined as spending less than 10 hours a week playing games. The average age of a Gaiscioch Member is 36 years old and a large number of them have families. This hinders their ability to be online.

Understanding this simple point you must factor this fact into our Social Adventures. These games are meant to be played casually. These are not typically traditional guilds that you can log into game at any time and find people to play with. Only the Grand and Epic Adventures will usually see that kind of luxury. You can however schedule an event and generate interest from the community via the forums and Discord to get a group of players together.

With 100 people playing you will likely see 10-15 online during peak times on most days. With 50 people you'd see 4-8. Anything below 50 and you likely might find one or two people. It is important that for budding adventure seekers that you make use of the tools available, i.e. the Forums, Event Calendar, and Discord. This will ensure that people know about your events and people can join you in these titles.

Gaiscioch/GSCH Features and Requirements

Below you will find a feature and support list for all of our branches and twigs.

Requirements Chapter Legacy
Minimum Active Population 300 50 5 100 25 5  
Guild Name Gaiscioch Gaiscioch Gaiscioch GSCH GSCH GSCH  
Min Active Elders 6 3 1        
Compatibility Score 65%            
Max 2            
Family Friendly  
Features Chapter Legacy
Epic Scale Adventures            
Small/Medium Scale Adventures    
Elder Support        
Leadership System (Adventure Based)            
Leadership System (Objective Based)            
Leadership System (Time Based)          
Fellowship System          
Public Community Event Series            
Weekly Livestream Event            
Event Manager  
Roster Manager  
Character Claiming  
Sub Forums      
Social Event Claiming    
Adventure Experience      
Adventure Ranks and Titles      
Discord Channel/Roles    
Dedicated Subdomain Link  
Landing Page  
Multiplatform Gaming      
Eligible For Chapter Consideration      
Gaiscioch Magazine Section          
Gaiscioch Newsletter Section