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Prince Hylas Strategy

By: Humpy

Prince Hylas

Prince Hylas is a two phased fight. This fight I suggest a you use 4 tanks for this fight.

When it comes to this fight it is a big heal intensive fight so it is really good to have around 8 or 9 healer/support and around 7 or 8 DPS.

For the first Phase the boss will spawn 3 adds each of which resemble a previous boss. Duke Letareus, Infiltrator Johlen and Oracle Aleria. When you pull prince Hylas you will have about 15 seconds to DPS the boss before the first add spawns. The first to spawn is Duke Letareus, the tank who picks up Duke letareus needs to keep an eye out for a green pool because this is where he will spawn.

When the tank picks up Duke Letareus the tank will need to kite the boss on the outside edge of the room (refer to the diagram where to tank and where to kite Duke). At this point Prince Hylas will gain a new ability called Princes Wrath, when this ability finishes it will one shot anyone to close to Prince hylas including the tank.

30 seconds after Duke Letareus spawns Infiltrator Johlen will spawn. There is no real big place you need to tank this boss but if Duke Letareus is still up tank them side by side and AOE them both down. At this time the raid needs to stay away from the bombs that Johlen drops onto the ground.

30 seconds after Infiltrator Johlen spawns Oracle Aleria will spawn. When she spawns the raid will be hit for 5k damage, after this she will cast a dot onto everyone that will tic for 1k damage every second for 4 seconds. This is a very intensive time for the healers and all healers need to be prepared for this. At this time Prince Hylas will now transform a random person into an animal, this debuff cannot be dispelled and it will transform anyone around that person into an animal as well.

Once all the adds are dead Prince Hylas will continue casting the abilitys he gained from each add throughout the remainder of Phase 1. At this point After Prince Hylas casts his Wrath he will then Turn a random person into an animal and then hit the raid with a raid wide damage that the healers need to cover as this point of the fight is very healing Intensive. The person transformed will still turn anyone around them into an animal as well so stay spread out and do not stand on top of the healers.

This process will repeat untill Prince Hylas is down to 10%.

This is the Diagram for Phase 1 on Placements. Phase 2 does not require a Diagram.


Phase 2

Prince Hylas will teleport you back to the enterence of GSB and turn everyone into animals. Tanks will want to be at the front of the pack of animals and the group needs to stay close to the edge of the shrubs and follow them to the right to try to avoid the wolves.

Once you reach Prince Hylas's room he will be Shielded and healing. DPS needs to go all out on the shield and burn the shield off as fast as possible (perfect time to use cooldowns). Once the bubble is broken Prince Hylas will stop healing.

During Phase 2 there will also be wolf adds that the offtanks need to tank off to the side of the room.

Once the Shield is down the fight will go back to the way it was in Phase 1. You need to make sure you avoid all the bombs, Get out of Princes Wrath, right after wrath a player will be turned into an animal and still effect anyone around then, and he will do a massive raid wide damage to the entire group that the healers need to be on top of. The adds will still need to be picked up by the offtanks and pulled over to the sides of the room.

The fight will continue like this until Prince Hylas is dead!