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The Tuatha Library
A Collection of Blogs & Member Created Content

May 26 2018
Kelinash Posted a Battle Recap: Fractal of the Mist
5 people from GSCH ventured into the mists and completed T4 dailies! Got some good drops as well :)
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May 20 2018
RoseDeFeu Posted a Battle Recap: Hero Point Run
Always a pleasure following Goat. He is clear and concise with his directions. He is considerate of the guildies who fall behind. It is evident that he spends time in planning, timing and possible occurrences that may effect the run. This event is a well needed event for guildies who find the HOF a difficult challenge and for the guildies who want great company while completing Hero Point for their specialization skills. Gotta love an old goat!
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May 13 2018
Dee Posted a Battle Recap: dungeon with kim
Clear instruction. Fun, Fun, Fun
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May 08 2018
CroatAxeMan Posted a Battle Recap: The Vaults
Dorn needs information on the vaults. It's unlikely they contain one of the lost artifacts of Torm but he can't leave any stone unturned.
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May 06 2018
Maxina Posted a Battle Recap: Excellent Leadership
Kimbria was great to learn from. She is funny, knowledgeable and makes sure everyone participates in not only the goals, but in also having fun. I hope to be able to join many more of her events. Max
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April 29 2018
PuaHone Posted a Battle Recap: HoL's WvW Fight Group
It's been over a year since I could join GSCH in WvW combat. We won some good fights this past Saturday. I notice Pookha has refined his tactics by speaking softly and carrying a big stick. Looking forward to more good fights in the next two months while JQ is linked with SoR.
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April 03 2018
Terafer Posted a Battle Recap: Daggers Have a Great Night on SBI
Thanks to all for attending tonight, Great fights and a Red Shard on SBI!! Please keep the great comms up in the fight and help focus on the moment and tasks at hand. Great Hills Take, fights and contributions all night. Thank you all Hope to see you next week!
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April 01 2018
Varder Posted a Battle Recap: Easter Sunday Crifting Run
Posted this for all to claim for today's crifting run. Louhi will be back next week to lead the charge. get well soon Louhi. Varder
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April 01 2018
Dee Posted a Battle Recap: Leading Dungeons
Bear Man has become very good at giving instructions for dungeons. He even throws in a few jokes. Thank you for the fun.
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March 24 2018
RoseDeFeu Posted a Battle Recap: Leather Farm
I really enjoy this run. Farming leather can be very boring. Kim makes this run fun and she never leaves anyone behind. Great Runs
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March 15 2018
Coaxochdas Posted a Battle Recap: half a dozen or m0re participants

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March 11 2018
RoseDeFeu Posted a Battle Recap: Great Run!
This was a great run, very smooth.
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March 11 2018
RoseDeFeu Posted a Battle Recap: Serenity Leadership
I have run with Serenity several time in Guild Runs. His instructions are clear and easy to understand. He doesn't go ahead of the group, he waits for everyone and gently corrects us when we are confused. There is only one person giving directions so we don't have different instructions. I would nominate him to train Leaders.
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March 09 2018
Varder Posted a Battle Recap: Friday night run
Had a 5 man group for 2 classic dungeons tonight. Was fun and lots of exp and skins.
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March 09 2018
Namrie Posted a Blog: Comming out
Hello everyone i have just had a difficult time. i had have halve a year of therapie. during that time i have came at peace with myself and with who i am. i am writing this so you guys know what is going on to to say it plainly of coming out of the closet. i am Gay and i have come to peace with it that i can show it on the outside and don't have to be scared that i will be picked on. i knew for some time i was gay but i was afraid to show it on the outside besides my friends group in the game and in my own house...
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March 08 2018
Saelswiftwing Posted a Battle Recap: Auric Basin Meta
This event during our run is the BOMB.. so much fun and SOOOO much Loot. I have 8 20 slot bags and they were almost all full. and not just garbage. even got an ascended recipe for the viper's stuff. Cleared the entire map. and next week Tangled Depths i think. Great way to get mastery points and hero points. And the xp is insane. Our Leaders did an awesome job as usual, cannot wait until next week!
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March 05 2018
Ezra Posted a Battle Recap: Woot, We Did It!

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March 04 2018
Haggal Posted a Battle Recap: Great run!
Great run! We didn't get that much activity, since destro seemed afraid of order, but we did get a few good fights. And we didn't lose a single flip.
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March 04 2018
Haggal Posted a Battle Recap:
Nice run with some new characters. Not much action, since destro seemed way to afraid of us, but we got a few good fights and didn't lose a single flip. Great run!
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March 02 2018
Varder Posted a Battle Recap: Classic dungeon
Had a great time running with Reygar and Celesa.
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