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A Collection of Blogs & Member Created Content

June 24 2017
Intp Posted a Battle Recap: Old School Dungeon Crawl
DC had us rolling like a freight train, picking up Guildies who needed to gear up or even their first trip into an Prophecy of Anhket Experts. Today was tank training day. We systematically went through each fight with two tanks to learn the mechanics. Even for a non-tank type, these tutorials are a great learning experience that can help you understand the "why" of a specific encounter. Saifon rocked the instance with great pulls, aggro management and positioning initially with DC's step by step instruction, followed up with a more hands off phase of coaching and lastly a triumphantly independent tanking of all of the instance encounters! Saifon did a great job and continued the Gaiscioch tradition of "quick tips" for critical mechanics and coaching through the encounters...
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June 24 2017
Intp Posted a Battle Recap: After Action Review: TD Progression Group
The family lead by the patient and intrepid Eluveittie tackled a coffee fueled Tantric Depths (TD) run. This was a great experience for me personally as I had not even been in the instance and was intimidated to try because of the LFR post in Cross Chat like "TD No Losers 500K+ dps or kill yourself". Being able to go with the family and getting some fundamental directions for the fight it a great way to progress. The TD also provides a scenario to evaluate the group and where each of us are in terms of progression, not only from a DPS perspective but also in tanking, support and heal mechanics...
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June 22 2017
Intp Posted a Battle Recap: Guild vs Pug Runs: A Knight and Dai difference!
Guild Runs vs Pug Runs: The advantages of running instances such as Prophecy of Ahnket with Guild members vs Pugs can completely change your perspective of the activity. There are many nuances such as routes, order, roles, interrupts, where to stand, where to move, when to blow cool downs and even simple things like "who's going to rez" get worked out by the team through practice. The stress level of this type of activity plummets when you have this sort of cohesion. One of the main reasons things are more sublime is that you know that the group is on a learning curve, so even if mistakes are made you know that people are learning, whereas with a pug group you are just happy to survive the encounter without the group falling apart...
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June 21 2017
Intp Posted a Battle Recap: Prophecy of Ankhket Expert Runs Guild Style
DC aka fiveofseven/diablotcanine lead an intrepid marathon of Expert with guildies. A few of the finer points when you do DC blitz runs: 1. In Darkening Deeps - Run to the Bottom - Kill the Sniper mobs on the ledges - Kill the mobs mass under the bridge - Burn bosses - Run all the way to the back wall of the Wearwolf encounter, avoid drawing aggro - Runn through the spiders all the way to the boss spider at the end, die in place SW and Rez - Stack on boss spiders behind - Drag all the slugs through their area all the way into the triple boss area, kill in tank order - Burn Scarn 2...
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June 20 2017
RobotDancerBloodEye Posted a Battle Recap: killed stuff

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June 19 2017
Varder Posted a Battle Recap: Crifting We Go
Was a great turnout for the June 18th run. 19 Guild members participated and we completed 30 crifts in right at 2 hours. Thanks all for the chance to lead, I had a lot of fun doing it. da V
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June 18 2017
Intp Posted a Battle Recap: A-Crifting we will go...
Varder lead the Gaiscoch family through Ashenfell for a fun and loot filled 2 hours of Crifting! We close a whopping 30 rifts of all type! There was great communication and support through using the Heart icon to mark the next Lure bearer after the 3rd stage of each lift. This resulted in quick transitions from one rift to the next. Thanks to Pop's Dropped Gedlo pots and great pulling/grouping of mobs we closed a rift every 4 minutes! Overall a great Guild level effort with bountiful rewards! -INTP
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June 17 2017
Intp Posted a Blog: The future in retrospect.
As a returning player after a 4 year hiatus, I'm extremely happy with the welcome that I've received from the Gaiscioch family in Rift. I've tinkered with a few other games before deciding to come back to Rift specifically and with the exploration of the two expansions there has been a lot of cool content to play through but it's been the player base that has got me interested in staying! If you are a returning player, please pm in game for any help or even if you want a 'grinding' buddy! -INTP
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June 16 2017
Intp Posted a Battle Recap: Friday Mid level Adventures: Don't forget to say HI to Lady Nessie!
The Dendrome offers several activities that the Gaiscioch family tackled this Friday. We had a full 40 person raid for this outing and with Fog laying down waypoints it was a great time and thing flowed right along! As always great help from the group for summons and great cooperation! Stronghold Raid: These encounters pit the raid against an escalating group of baddies that attack from multiple levels. Use the bounce balls to hop up so you can get in range. These are 3D encounters and as you charge the equipment up it expands the platforms higher and higher...
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June 16 2017
Elaenna Posted a Battle Recap: Gaiscioch runs
love running with Fog as leader, not sure how he keeps up to date on which quests... where they are... which bosses to kill... but he always helps us get them done. Always fun to run with him when he's leding. Thank you.
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June 15 2017
Maxina Posted a Battle Recap: First For Me

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June 13 2017
Intp Posted a Battle Recap: Planar Anchors: A group XP boon and a fun time in one!
Following the Monday evening tradition, friends and family of Gaischioch took to Xarth Mire for a guided tour of the Planar Anchor mini-quest hubs. This group event allows the team to gather significant XP and Planar Attunement as well as respectable take of crafting mats and Planar loot. The action starts with locating the Planar Anchor points (Living Planar Anchor on map), which resemble footholds but are visible at any map zoom, making them easy to spot. For this run we were in the North East quadrant of the Xarth Mire zone on the Meteor in the Celestial Lands...
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June 12 2017
Mika Posted a Battle Recap: First time commanding
6th of June, 2017 changes were good for WvW. Now there are more players running even though many of the players are just hunting pips for reward tracks so they can earn WvW Claim Tickets and some day buy necessary pieces for WvW Legendary Backpiece. Anyway after update I have been playing WvW and I'm quite happy that now you don't steamrolled constantly as opposing servers have to spread their forces more evenly on all borderlands. So I was thinking it would be fun running GSCH WvW event. So I talked with Namrie if we both could lead WvW event on Monday 11am PST - 1pm PST...
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June 11 2017
FallandirUllarach Posted a Battle Recap: First run through Craglorn Catacombs
The reports of an "undead 'infestation'" in Craglorn Catacombs have been greatly exaggerated. Nothing to see here, move along.
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June 10 2017
FallandirUllarach Posted a Battle Recap: A dishonourable failure....
Mounted a suicide charge. Failed to die properly -- even took the keep!
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June 06 2017
Maxina Posted a Blog: Tragic / Funny / Sad
I started playing on-line games with a small silly game called Rubies of Eventide. I was so excited, not just about the game and how it works, but the tech. Texting and playing with people from all over, at my desk, on my computer. It was crazy. There was a group of five of us that played together and we formed a guild. I played that game for probably two years, not once knowing how to play correctly. I killed things to level, that's all I knew. We all went to WOW. This was just insane for me, flying mounts,seamless areas, the tech to me was like magic...
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June 03 2017
Sindarin Posted a Blog: The Story of Sindarin Oakheart
The streets were chaos. People running frantically away from the commotion. Explosions shook the stone houses of Ebonhawke. Riots had broken out among the stalls of Kestrel Market. A man clad in fine silks with sharp, intelligent eyes and black hair yelled to a woman on the other side of the table laden with goods. "Sopha! Let's go! We'll be burned alive by the Separatists if we don't get out of here!" Sopha, a medium height woman with dark hair and blue eyes, clearly frightened, quickly gathered as many of the valuable silks as she could...
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June 03 2017
Varder Posted a Battle Recap: HOLY COW FOGMAN
ZIFF-POW-BAM Look at those points. That is the most points for any single event I have ever participated in. Fog do you remember any other event that generated that many points? da V
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May 28 2017
Oldgoat Posted a Battle Recap: Thank You Mika
For your patience and kindness during our learning process I say thank you. For all those who joined us and did their best, thank you.
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May 07 2017
Varder Posted a Battle Recap: Cracking The Skull
While being lead my the might MIG thru the lands of the comet, we happened upon the zone event Cracking Zathara's Skull. Many in the raid hadn't done this yet, so it was a great teachable moment. Our raid started this event and as we progressed we gained in numbers. In the end it was GAISCIOCH for the win. Unlocking QF many in the raid had not been that far in the progression, again opening new content for guildies. A good time was had by all. Varder
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