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A Collection of Blogs & Member Created Content

December 09 2017
Elaenna Posted a Battle Recap: Louhi Louhi
We're learning.... we're having tons of fun. Louhi is not only a good strong leader looking for things for us to do for these achievements its also great fun .... now if he'd only teach us to speak Swedish as well as he speaks American.... ;)
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December 08 2017
Varder Posted a Battle Recap: Viera round 2
Nice job. Was a fun run. I still have a lot to learn about WvW. +1 Elder point for Leadership. V
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December 08 2017
Viera31b Posted a Battle Recap: Round 2
Much larger group to lead for my second run. Received valuable training from Pookha and other veterans. We had a little difficulty keeping up in EGB so we switched to Green and Red BL. Towards the second hour, things got pretty fun with many successes on the battlefield. I gain more confidence and had greater control this time. I can't wait to head back out there and lead again next week! Thank you everyone who came out and supported tonight! :3
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December 05 2017
Maxina Posted a Battle Recap: Kittys' Fractals
I had no intention of doing fractals yet. As I had boosted my character to level 80, I was very short on skills to play her at her best. I was doing my normal PVE stuff, Kitty asked if I wanted to join the Fractal Teaching Group. I said no, and why; but I was put at ease by Kitty and decided that if she would put up with a new player, I should take advantage of her patience and give it a try. Of course I forget everyone's name that was in the group, but they were all great! One even came a got me in Lion's Arch to show me the way to the portal...
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December 04 2017
Elfchess Posted a Battle Recap: recap
Hope we got this right! Thanks for the help Pops!
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December 03 2017
TernieLaBiscuit Posted a Blog: Things can really change in a year.
I took a break from ESO, mainly because I have 3 very busy teenagers. In hindsight, I think I was burned out, and others were, too. Being burned out and playing with other burned out players just makes one want to give it up. So, I did. And wow, things have really changed in the game since I took that break! It's a good thing! So many things have changed that it's almost like a completely different game. And it's always good to run into old friends, and make new ones. I'm ready for a break from life, so it's time to dive deep into the game I loved for 3 years, and give it some love again...
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December 02 2017
Viera31b Posted a Battle Recap: Epic!
We spent our day at EBG and faught (and won) numerous encounters running like a freight train with no brakes right through enemy resistance. The WvW group is getting stronger and tighter every time we go to war. We took several objectives and gave everyone against us a run for their money! I look forward to next week :)
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December 02 2017
Bharat Posted a Battle Recap: Fun fist run!
Fun fist run!
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December 02 2017
Elaenna Posted a Battle Recap: Fun Run
Another Fun Run collecting old old achievements. Easy and fun with friends along for the ride. This week we finished a couple of carnages for sure and even an achievement or two.
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December 01 2017
Viera31b Posted a Battle Recap: Great first run!
We had many small victories and a had a little fun constantly fighting a super skilled and also very aggressive enemy mez. Thank you everyone for coming out!
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December 01 2017
Criamon Posted a Battle Recap: Bounties and more bounties :)
we killed so many bounties, and a few legendary's like the giant choya and the legendary hydra. WE also invaded the race in amnoon, lol. 70 racers all crashing the same event. was a great time
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November 25 2017
Caludon Posted a Battle Recap: Achievements earned
The group of 5 went into the story and helped Taimi get the waypoints calibrated then went on to battle Baradin to purge the Foefire. Their valor was remarkable as they accomplished their goals in new and valiant ways to earn multiple achievements. Thier leader Mika was masterful at efficiently leading the group to renown.
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November 22 2017
Criamon Posted a Battle Recap: first time fractals :)
had a great time. went in knowing nothing about fractals, but Namrie did a great job explaining everything that went on. went fractal level 2 to 5 :) can't wait to do it again
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November 19 2017
Aryvandar Posted a Battle Recap: Never give up, never surrender
Well done all in this mornings raid, we didn't give up and pushed on through the thickness of the fog in defeat to come out on top with Cairn falling to our blades.
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November 18 2017
Zoewii Posted a Battle Recap: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!
"Rompin' Rangers" took to the field today in search of the furry, fuzzy, or scaley pets to aid us in future battles. Brisdeah did a great job in researching all 'adoption sites' in advance and was very organized with our plans. We covered a lot of ground very quickly and we were so surprised when two hours ended as it felt like only one. So many great pets have new homes with our Gaiscioch Rangers along with branch new creative and fun names - in this most cute and useful event.
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November 17 2017
Anzu Posted a Battle Recap: Bounties!
Had a lot of fun learning a new fights and mechanics like the stop and go! Thank you
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November 12 2017
VVarchild Posted a Battle Recap: Black Desert Online - Weekly Boss Scroll Run with Relic
November 12, 1pm PST start at Pila Fe on Balenos 3 (NA). 1) Pila Fe = 5 scrolls 2) Cartian = 1 scroll 3) Giath = 6 scrolls 4) Awakened Giath = 6 scrolls 5) Bheg skipped 6) Muskan = 2 scrolls 7) Tree = 3 scrolls 8) Kama Manshaum = 15 scrolls 9) Kama KONS = 2 scrolls 10) Kama Valtarra = 1 scroll 11) Relic = 31 scrolls
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November 11 2017
Foshka Posted a Battle Recap: Lion's Arch Jumping Daily
We jumped around alot! And fell some. And got lost in the darkness. And forgot to bring a deck of cards.
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November 05 2017
Varder Posted a Battle Recap: Coffe and Crifting 10-5-17
Thanks again Elaenna, for another great morning collect good loot. Special thanks to Hgielak for the extra lures. was another fun morning. V
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November 04 2017
Varder Posted a Battle Recap: Extra-Life Rift Event
Great fun running with Fog and the gang. Started at 7hr in on my day's run. Think we did 3 hrs not sure. am loosing tract of time. V
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