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A Collection of Blogs & Member Created Content

November 22 2017
Criamon Posted a Battle Recap: first time fractals :)
had a great time. went in knowing nothing about fractals, but Namrie did a great job explaining everything that went on. went fractal level 2 to 5 :) can't wait to do it again
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November 19 2017
Aryvandar Posted a Battle Recap: Never give up, never surrender
Well done all in this mornings raid, we didn't give up and pushed on through the thickness of the fog in defeat to come out on top with Cairn falling to our blades.
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November 18 2017
Zoewii Posted a Battle Recap: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!
"Rompin' Rangers" took to the field today in search of the furry, fuzzy, or scaley pets to aid us in future battles. Brisdeah did a great job in researching all 'adoption sites' in advance and was very organized with our plans. We covered a lot of ground very quickly and we were so surprised when two hours ended as it felt like only one. So many great pets have new homes with our Gaiscioch Rangers along with branch new creative and fun names - in this most cute and useful event.
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November 17 2017
Anzu Posted a Battle Recap: Bounties!
Had a lot of fun learning a new fights and mechanics like the stop and go! Thank you
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November 12 2017
VVarchild Posted a Battle Recap: Black Desert Online - Weekly Boss Scroll Run with Relic
November 12, 1pm PST start at Pila Fe on Balenos 3 (NA). 1) Pila Fe = 5 scrolls 2) Cartian = 1 scroll 3) Giath = 6 scrolls 4) Awakened Giath = 6 scrolls 5) Bheg skipped 6) Muskan = 2 scrolls 7) Tree = 3 scrolls 8) Kama Manshaum = 15 scrolls 9) Kama KONS = 2 scrolls 10) Kama Valtarra = 1 scroll 11) Relic = 31 scrolls
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November 11 2017
Foshka Posted a Battle Recap: Lion's Arch Jumping Daily
We jumped around alot! And fell some. And got lost in the darkness. And forgot to bring a deck of cards.
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November 05 2017
Varder Posted a Battle Recap: Coffe and Crifting 10-5-17
Thanks again Elaenna, for another great morning collect good loot. Special thanks to Hgielak for the extra lures. was another fun morning. V
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November 04 2017
Varder Posted a Battle Recap: Extra-Life Rift Event
Great fun running with Fog and the gang. Started at 7hr in on my day's run. Think we did 3 hrs not sure. am loosing tract of time. V
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November 04 2017
Varder Posted a Battle Recap: G-Ma's Map Clear
had a fun time running around Timberline falls and Dredgehaut Cliffs doing map clear. Thanks G-Ma for the fun run
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November 04 2017
Talania Posted a Battle Recap: Great Time with Gma (as usual)!
Gma's event is my absolute favorite event so far! Lots of action in this morning's run. Lovely people and it's an easy going pace that allows us to grab multiple 'shinies'. If you are new to the guild, this is a perfect event to get to know a few people and get your questions answered. There is no such thing as a silly question. Gma is an absolute treasure to Gaiscioch in my very humble opinion. :D
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November 02 2017
Varder Posted a Battle Recap: Mad King's run
Lots of fun running this dungeon with the GW2 gang. "Steve" showed up...a lot.. and was a pain in the butt, but we made sure he went back to sleeping. Thanks Smitty for the great directions and leadership. Looking forward to more group events in GW2. da V
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October 30 2017
Zoewii Posted a Battle Recap: Variety is the spice!
Tonight's Rift adventuring included strongholds in Dendrome - then rifts, rares, footholds, and a zone event in Vostigar peaks. Plus we rested at the end watching another guild defeat a raid rift - we hope to do the same soon!
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October 29 2017
Scrappi Posted a Battle Recap: FUN AND FRIENDS
Good run of crifting even with my coffee in the first half. Its the family that makes it so much fun. Elaenna makes it a good run.
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October 29 2017
Zoewii Posted a Battle Recap: Hot coffee & good loots!
Always a pleasure to participate in Coffee & Crifting! Great time to spend with guildies - lots of crifts opened, a few rare mobs, some carnages and dailies completed.
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October 27 2017
GmaFog Posted a Battle Recap: A quiet day in Kessex
Welcome to all our new family members! This was a quiet day with GMaFog. There was Lots of fights and fun! Everyone stuck to my tag and listened to my voice. All my regular followers had other things going and weren't there. I did hear a few quiet voices once in a while but basically we had a bit of quiet fun. Chat in discord was only for questions. Just so you know, Gma doesn't bite or get mad. You all can talk and joke around if you like. Had a great time with you all and hopefully, when you get more comfortable with GMa, you will start to chatter...
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October 25 2017
2 days in to the new CWC launch and I already have 30 crystals !! Look out Earthgore Training Head, you're going to become WONDERFUL shortly.......woo hoo
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October 22 2017
Aryvandar Posted a Battle Recap: We did it folks..
Job well done on today's raid encounters we finally pulled it off.
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October 21 2017
Elaenna Posted a Battle Recap: Ssturday Fun Run with Louhi and Kelixa
We headed to Moonshade Highlands this day and ran around slaughtering all the "Echo" bosses we could find. For our achievements we're looking to take them all twice and a few we did... but we're going back for more next week. Much fun running around dodging regular mobs to head for 'particular' ones....
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October 19 2017
RobotDancerBloodEye Posted a Battle Recap: Raising funds
I have been buying lots of Glowy Plants, so this event was perfect to replenish (some) of my bank balance.
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October 15 2017
Elaenna Posted a Battle Recap: Fun event playing Corgi's with guildies
Shadyshade did a good job of gathering all the doggies together to finish their Corgi events... thanks all that participated.
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