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A Note For Completing The Temple Of Lyssa Event

By: Ragmar

- When doing the Temple of Lyssa, down all the Seal events to start with. This will activate the main event, and will allow you to fight the boss.
- A few notes on the boss. One, she will throw you out of the ring, and you absolutely must get back in the center, or the catapults will tear you apart. Two, she spawns adds which are much more than a nuisance. These adds can make or break the fight for you. Three, she does a mass confusion/daze AoE. One of the nearby NPCs will warn you not to look at her, and you must turn away. You are still able to burn adds, or revive downed players, so long as your back is to the main boss. Fourth, if you pull her off her platform, she will reset, and you have to start all over again.
- When you begin to fight the boss, keep her in the center of the platform she originates on. This allows you to keep up AoEs, and use various comboes. A good example of this is a Ranger's Healing Seed AoE, and a Theif's Explosive Shot. This creates an Area Healing combo, which is extremely useful. Blast finishers in various combo fields can pop Are Healing, Might, Regen, and other boons, or things like Area Weakness for enemy conditions.
- With a large group like GSCH, we end up causing the boss to scale to actual raid boss proportions. The mobs she spawns become veterans and even champions, along with way too many little mobs. These rapidly become a pain if they aren't downed. This is another reason everyone needs to stay in the middle of the main platform. This will allow for AoE damage on the adds.
- Though long and difficult, this is a fun event. Props to Prissy, who has led the group both times I did this fight.

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