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Abyssal Precipice Expert

By: Xaris

This is a guide to Abyssal Precipice Expert.

Let's start with Group composition, You will want 1 tank, 1 Healer and 2 DPS, the support role character can choose to play support, or to DPS depending on if healing is sufficient and your group is looking for more DPS. You will begin by clearing the trash all the way to the first boss called Kale Andrenos,

Boss: Kaler Andrenos

This boss is very simple, Tank will hold him about where he stands moving out of any area effect he may spawn this area effect is going to also become a pillar of ice that the group may hide behind to avoid getting instantly killed by his ability "Icy Explosion" alternatively the group may hide behind the cave entrance to line of sight the boss. after he casts "Icy Explosion" you may resume DPS as normal continuing to avoid being in direct line of sight during his cast and that concludes the Kaler Andrenos encounter.

Continuing along you will see a cave entrance to the right of where you saw Kale, instead of taking this path move straight forward to engage the second boss of this dungeon, Icetalon.

Boss: Icetalon

The Icetalon encounter is preceded by a Stormlegion member simple to be referred to as the Falconer, defeat him and Icetalon comes down to battle you
the only thing to note about the Falconer is that he will occasionally call additional monsters to aid him, the tank should simply pick these up for AoE DPS, before you kill him you want to make sure your group is near a rock face that they cannot be blown off of, I recommend on top of the slope directly to Falconer's right side looking in. When Icetalon comes down, it is simply a Tank and spank encounter with Icetalon knocking people backward, to remedy this simply position yourselves against the a fore mentioned wall. This ends the Icetalon Encounter.

Now you will proceed into the cave where Kaler stood outside of, clearing the trash follow it in a straight shot to the next boss Majolic the Bloodwalker

Boss: Majolic The Bloodwalker

Majolic will first appear to you as a simple humanoid enemy with low health, once you engage him in combat and bring him down to 50% he will start channeling an ability that everyone in melee range needs to run out to avoid being instantly killed. After he explodes you will face the true boss, Majolic will cast a DoT on one player, and any player near that player will also contract a DoT these should be cleansed if possible otherwise healed through. shortly after starting combat with the Bloodwalker, he will turn a player into a crystal, this crystal needs to be broken as soon as possible after the crystal is broken, and the player freed resume DPS on the boss. Repeat this until the boss is defeated.

Continue following the path until it diverges into a small cave within the tunnel and there you will face Renthar

Boss: Renthar

Renthar is a fairly simply fight, he charges the furthest player from him and calls down a AoE on the ground that slows and does damage if you are caught in it. Have someone who can take the charges stand furthest away, and avoid the ground AoE and you will soon be finished with Renthar.

Just outside of Renthar's cave you will find the platform for the final boss Calyx the Ancient

Boss: Calyx the Ancient

Calyx is a complex encounter with a lot to watch for, your group should preferably have 1 person to purge the boss when he casts his "Jagged Ice Shield" this shield if not cleansed will damage anyone who hits him for the duration of the shield. As soon as you engage Calyx you will notice three beams coming out of the boss splitting the room into equal parts try to avoid being hit by these beams as they do damage and slow you. Calyx will also summon and AoE ground effect that if caught in it, will freeze you solid. Periodically throughout the fight he will cast an AoE spell that will hit everyone knocking their health down considerably, the healer has to heal you back up immediately to avoid any causalities. That is all you need to know about the Calyx encounter, and this wraps up the guide for Expert Abyssal Precipice.

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