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All Aboard The Rune Priest Renown Train!!

By: Korzak

Korzak (the dwarf of Iron Breaking fame) is now renown rank 82. Finally. It's taken quite a bit of time to progress from 81 to 82, but mostly because I havn't been playing Korzak very much. That's not to say that I've not been active, no, I've been more than active. I've been chugging along on my Rune Priest, Lorkig.

The crazy rate of renown gain from the progression pack, coupled with the crazy rate of renown gain from out of group healing with a dash of crazy AAO bonus is, well, crazy. The Rune Priest is a very active healing class, with lots of options for out of group heals, which makes them perfect for the keep defense/assault/warcamp skirmish leaching. Just run around the keep looking for people taking damage and start HoTing and spot healing. Look for those bands of Order pushing around the sides raking in some kills and try to help keep them up. It's actually alot of fun to help keep random Order players up just to piss off all those Destro trying so hard to kill them. And boy is it ever rewarding, not just in renown, but in learning to manage AP and which heals in what rotations work best for different situations.

All in all, playing the healer for a change has been an eye opening experience, but definitly enjoyable. I'm starting to get a feel for what the Rune Priest class is capable of, and how their abilities are useful in a small group or even a warband. It's given me a new appreciation for what healers put up with on a daily basis, as well as some admiration for those who make it look easy.