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Dealing With The Calm Before The Storm.

By: Sarosan

As a gamer I've long fell subject to the "waiting game". A new game gets announced, we get teased with content, then we figure out how to best spend our time before we get a chance to play it again on the day of release. Maybe it is because the game itself is really that good and we see it as the second coming come to rescue us from the throws of gaming boredom. Maybe it highlights a bigger issue; boring lives. I consider myself to be pretty lucky to have an awesome girlfriend, who has an awesome son, I have a roof over my head, a stable job, and enough money to at least pay the bills (and play games).

I play games because it feeds my imagination as well as my artistic side. After all, what is gaming if not interacting with art and imagination? In the case of MMORPGS, creating a bit of art as well. However, most of us have done the same things for years now and looking forward to a new game is our way to break the tedious nature of modern life whether you consciously think about it or not.

I've often wondered why my gaming attention span has changed over the years. As a kid I was able to play games and enjoy them until I felt like I had "beat" it. So what's changed? Has game quality taken a dive? Have games changed that much? Have I changed that much? Let me give you an example. I played World of Warcraft for 6 years. Granted, I took breaks in that time period, but I was a proud World of Warcraft player. Once my time in that game came to an end, I searched for a new MMORPG to take my interest. I tried out Aion, Vindictus, Runes of Magic, Forsaken World, Rift, and even went back to Everquest 1 & 2, D&D Online, Lord of the Rings online, and probably a few more. I've gone back and forth between more MMORPGs in the last 2 years than I ever did in my time with World of Warcraft. Is it because WoW was that good or is it because my life has changed to the point where adding another form of redundancy is just unaccecptable?

When SW:TOR was announced years ago I looked to it as my second my new home where I could stay, grow as a player, and find an awesome community to stick with. When I was let down it hit me hard. If a game I was looking forward to for that long did not meet my expectations what's not to say everything else that I'm looking forward to in the gaming world will be the same way? Did I expect too much or was it just an example of a game that reached too far and wide and didn't deliver? Maybe it was the community.

Along comes Gaiscioch and Guild Wars 2. I feel a large part of my sticking with WoW had to do with the guilds I was in during my time there. Finally, I've found a community outside of WoW that entices me to play my new game for more than a couple months. Perhaps now I should look forward to change within the game rather than changing the game entirely. Maybe I've just turned new game releases into something for me to look forward to while I deal with being an adult living in 21st century America.

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