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Ding Level 50! A Guide For DPS Rogues

By: Luskin

This guide is ment for new players, with freshly hit 50 rogues who want to get ahead of the PVE

game, and gear up with some low priced, high return equpitment that is not only very easily

obtainable, but also pretty nice for their class. Yes, there is better gear you can get

instantly at level 50, but most of it costs a lot of platinum for a new player, so this guide

will help you pickup what you can, and replace your other gear with drops from T1/T2 dungeons as

you aquire it. This is not a "best way to gear your character as soon as you hit 50", but

instead a way to conribute more to a T1 or T2 than someone else who just hit 50 would.

First, we can take a look at weapon choices for a rogue. You're going to want something with

Dex, Hit and Crit/AtkPwr, focusing more on Crit until you reach a subsansial amount, which you

wont have for a while as a fresh 50 :)

Your weapon choices at this point are

Callous Blade


Merciless Blade

Both of these weapons offer great +hit, nice DPS and great dexterity. Althought they dont have

any crit bonuses on them, you can always add cheap runes to give them a little boost until you

can loot something better. The Callous Blade should be easy to make, with a breakdown cost of

about 4p or so, even less if you go on one of our guilds many crafting raids! The Minor

Catalysts for the Merciless Blade are going to be a little harder to loot, but can be bought for

~3p each, or looted during crafting raids. Remember, both of these weapons can be Augmented as

well, so for 50g-1p you can add Dex, PhysCrit, or Dex+PhysCrit to these giving them an even

better boost.

For Chest armor, I'd go with a

Steeled Leather Brigandine

Again, not much PhysCrit on it, but the Dex trickle, nice attack power and Augment added really

makes this a nice piece of armor, and again easy to aquire.

When it comes to rings, there are some REALLY nice cheap starter rings sold by the Order of

Mathos faction vendor in Stillmoore, and it only takes Decorated faction to buy these

These are a great +20 hit with nice stats for offense as well. Yes, you can craft better ones,

but for 1p15g , you really wont find better bang for your buck, and there are a lot of good

T1/T2 ring drops you can replace these with pretty easily.

For your ranged weapon, there is a really nice bow

This bow is cheap to make, very very cheap to make. All you have to do is find someone actually

able to make Polished Shadethorn Lumber, which can be tough sometimes, but quite a few guildies

do have the recipe. This bow provide an amazing +30 hit, Augment slot and 18 dex along with

some really nice starter DPS. This is something you can hold onto and is GREAT for a ranged

slot, as there really isint more +hit you can get here. Never sell this once you get it made :D

Now that we've gone over a fair amount of starter gear that will get your hit rating up into the

80s or 100s depending on what you've chosen, lets look at one of the MOST overlooked items in

the game, your SIGIL. It goes in that big spot under your character that was never upgraded

after you got your first one from a quest back in Silverwood! (Pft at defiant ;D)

Depending on how you leveled up, there is a chance you have maybe 200 or 300 planarite to your

name. This is bad, but there is a very easy way to fix this! In Sanctum there is an NPC that

gives two Daily quests, one is an Expert Rift that rewards 6 Crystal Sourceshards, and the other

is a Raid Rift that rewards 6 Inscribed Sourcestones. She is located in the Planar Faction

hallway in the Sanctum Tower, right next to the shiny on the ground

When you complete an Expert Rift, you gain 4 Crystal Sourcestones from the chest at the end,

even if you dont have a quest for the rift. So doing the daily results in 6 from the quest + 4

from the rift Crystal Sourcestones each day you choose to do it! Tag along on a guild Expert

Run, and you'll have more Crystal Sourcestones than you know what to do with!

When you finish a Rift Raid, you are rewarded with the Quest item, One aditional Inscribed

Sourcestone, and usually rolls on loot that dropped, which is on par with High End T2 gear / Low

End T1 Raid gear, which is very nice :D

To get regular Planarite, one very great way is to do Guild Crafting Rift Runs(Crifting)! These

result in a TON of materials which allow you to craft the items above for pretty much free, and

you get to know people in the guild and claim followership on the site too!

Now that you've got some Planarite and Crystal Sourcestones laying around, This is what you're

lookign forward to!

A 6 slot sigil, that costs you 7500 Planarite! Now looking at 7500 as your first goal, it seems

like a lot. But if you tag along for a Crifting run or two, you'll have this and so much more

you wont know what to spend on it. But thats the next thing I can tell you!

Out in Wardens Descent, there is a Rare Planar Vendor that sells some really, really nice

essences for a really nice price.

Then one you're looking for is this

Sporting a VERY nice crit boost, some really sexy dex and some extra strength to boost, 4 of

these babies will give you an overall stat boost of...

32 str, 44 dex, 48 crit and 24 fire resist

Thats a HUGE stat boost that a lot of people overlook and underestimate for a cost of 12 Crystal

Sourcestones and 2400 Planarite. The other great thing about this Rare Planar NPC is they will

buy any extra Crystal Sourcestones you have for 250 planarite EACH. This is a great way to get

extra planarite if you need to get some epic inscribed essences for later, but dont worry about

that now :)

With this starting gear, you'll be very well off and on your way to gearing up for 10mans and 20man raids!

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