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Fiddlez Guide To Addons

By: Fiddlez

I know the subject of weither to use addons or not is a hot subject with some, but I am personally a believer in rifts addon system. So I thought I'd do a quick write up of my personal picks for the must have addons to get or watch. Note: I use the curse client and have gotten all my addons from there due to the progam notifying you if an addon needs updating.

1: Herald's Buff Warden Madd Patch - buffwatcher
Pro's - Keeps important buffs (can be set up to watch raid buffs as well) right upfront so you know if you get debuffed or they are getting close to timing out. It even tracks some buffs you put on others, ex. Rightous Mandate.
Con's - Kinda ugly, doesnt allow for multiple slots for ex. Rogue's Stalker Phase and Gaurdian phase. You only get 1 slot for it so you need to scroll mouse it if you switch a lot like I do. Clerics are the other spec I know of that this effects.
Sidenote - The Madd Patch version adds some functionality that the basic version was missing.

2: Imhothar's Bags - Bag addon
Pro's - Best pro is it adds a tooltip allowing you to know what alts have more of a mat etc, including their banks,bags,mail, and guild bank. Has a great search functionality to search all of those areas.
Con's - Pain to setup the first time (NOTE: it doesnt not have the button option turned on by default, in fact it has virtually nothing turned on by default) So your first priorty is setting it up via \imhobags config. However once you set it up with one toon its setup up across the game as all addons are.

3: King Boss Mods -
Pro's - Raid, instance, chronicle, instant adventure saver.... if you die with this one work on your raid awareness..... Far superior to Wires Raid Monitor
Con's - Although not truely difficult to setup, you should go ahead and move things around on the screen.... then realize they dont work there in an instance.... then move them only to realize you need to move them again...
Sidenote - Requires Safe's Raid Manager Lib

4: nkAdvisor -
Pro's - NOTE: this is not an addon it is a frame work, you will want to pick up nkA:Loot (a method for looking up what loot drops where), nkA:Ratings - think gear score only intelligent, looks at the stat weighted items (dex for rogues etc.) and compares possible outlook based on role (tank, healer, dps, support is considered dps - so if your a mage sorry), nkA:Runes - A method of looking up runes based on slot, stat, where you get them etc, nkA:Search - just adds a search functionality off level 50 gear. If you need pre-50 gear grab yourself nkLevel (have not tried it personally)
Con's - They need some serious updating....

5: nkRebuff -
Pro's & Con's - It is probably a prettier better version of Herald's, but I do not use it for my buff's due to the fact that in a raid half you screen is taken up by icons (as it displays a seperate icon for each buff, not in a list). It's saving feature is that if you turn off buffs, it defaults to popping up debuffs. Verrrrrry verrrrry handy if I do say so myself.

Sidenote - All of nk's addons are now accessable by a small button on screen!!!

6: Puzzle Map -
Pro's - Lists all the coords of the puzzles & cairns on a map.
Con's - Interface could be better but it was built using the original addon api, so they made do with what the had. Even though it is lacking in the ui, it does save having to tab to another window.
Sidenote - Since it was made early on and not updated it does not have a button so I recommend making a macro for it with the /pm command.

7: Rifthealer -
Ok I have not used this a whole lot d/t personal experience with healing. It's not the prettiest but it DOES do what it says, but know you spells and set it up.... needs a button to hide/unhide.
Sidenote - Not so much a gripe about rifthealer but be warned the way rifts addons work you will need to turn this off for none healing toons... nothing like logging into your warrior and seeing it...

8: SuperMeter -
Pro's - Very usefull in checking gear and personal performance.
Con's - Inconsistancey between people's SM readings. May end up like WoW with people demanding to know your DPS before you are allowed to run an instance with them. (Although I have not seen this yet)
Sidenote - If you like SimpleMeter this is an upgraded version that appears to be be a little more accurate with more functionality.


BananAH - AH mod in the early stages... difficult setup and ugly button (remember to turn it on the first time you run it) but currently allows you to put things on the ah with options to undercut others etc. With the work being done on it I think it will soon be the Auctioneer of WoW.

KBM - Has several addons that are going alpha sometime this week keep you updated with info on them!

Autwofit - Another soon released alpha the will associate gear with a role so when you change roles it will auto change gear.

BossReady - I am currently watching this to see if they clean it up a bit. From a tanks point of view it adds the one the thing that the default raid frames are missing.... Mana info. Nothing can wipe you quicker than pulling and realizing that the healer or dps is low on mana. And I'll be honest, I am personally to lazy to ready check before most fights.

AggroMonitor - This is a simple little addon again that is a tank thing. What it does is simple, if someone other than the tank pulls, it puts an indicator in the chat screen that says who, and how (los, dps, hps, etc).


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