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Guildwars 2 Inventory And You! - A Guide To Maximizing Inventory In GW2 (Part 2)

By: Jerich

Note: I apologize for the weird spacings... the editor seems to put rather large breaks before tables and I don't have the direct HTML access to fix it.

Part 2: When gem upgrades are cheaper than 20-slot packs

As like any MMO, bags in GW2 get more expensive as you get better and better ones. Here is a table that lets you quickly see the scaling cost per inventory slot for each level of bag:

The price of bags (Note Scroll down to view table)

Type of BagTotal New Slots (Four Bag Slots)Cost of Four Bags*Cost / Extra Slot
Starter Backpack 20 slots Free Free
8-slot packs 32 slots 2 silver 6 copper / slot
10-slot packs 8 slots 27.76 silver 3.47 silver / slot
12-slot packs 8 slots 61.04 silver 7.63 silver / slot
15-slot packs 12 slots 2.39 gold 19.91 silver / slot
18-slot packs 12 slots 9.61 gold 80.09 silver / slot
20-slot packs 8 slots 50.38 gold 6.30 gold / slot

*Assuming 8 slot packs are 50 copper and other packs sell for 1.5 times the cost of the rune

The price of gem store upgrades

Type of UpgradeTotal New Slots (Four Bag Slots)Cost in GemsGems / Extra Slot
Extra Character Slot 80 slots (15 slot bags) 800 gems 10 gems / slot
Bank Tab Expansion 30 slots 600 gems 20 gems / slot
Extra Bag Slot 15 slots (15 slot bag) 400 gems 26.67 gems / slot

When should you buy gem store upgrades instead of 20-slot bags?

Type of UpgradeBuy When Gems are Cheaper than This...
Extra Character Slot 100 gems = 60 gold
Bank Tab Expansion 100 gems = 32 gold
Extra Bag Slot 100 gems = 23.33 gold


Note: I don't think the price of 100 gems will reach 23.33 gold until at least a month after launch. If gems ever go over 60 gold per 100, that will probably be at least a couple weeks after launch. That means it will most likely be better to purchase gems for inventory upgrades instead of investing in 20 slot packs.


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