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Immovable Warrior Tank Spec

By: Humpy

By Humpy

This spec is one that I designed off the 1.6 patch, It has nice features to it and I use it quite often specially on a fight where I take a high amount of damage.

For Instance in Deep Strike Mines, Caretaker Arcanis has an achievement to kill the boss without killing any of the adds. On this fight I used this spec because this spec gives you the ability Bend like the Reed. Also Bend like the Reed has only a 1 minute cooldown.

When I use this Bend Like The Reed in this spec as a tank it gives me an aditional 75% chance to parry and brings my total parry up to about 90% chance to parry in the gear I currently have.

Though this spec does have its downfall too. In this spec I am known to loose about 1k health give a bit.

You also do not have a charge in this spec but you do still have the ability Sergeant's Order which taunts a target and pulls them to you.

The paragon tree also gives warriors other benefits to tanking like Duality of Mind, which makes your attack point generating abilities to increase your parry by an aditional 5%, Predictable Movements that makes the next 3 melee attack abilities made against the warrior be reflected back to the attacker for 12 seconds, Focus of body that increases your strength by 40 which increases your threat by increasing your damage and also increases your block and parry, and ofcourse Way of the Mountain that makes the warrior unable to be thrown around by bosses who use knockbacks. Way of the Mountain also has other great advantages to it as well, abilities that have knockbacks that do damage make the warrior immune to the damage as well as immune to the knockbacks.

Also this spec due to Warlord gives you a couple other nice cooldowns one of which is Rallying Command that gives the entire group 25% more health and heals them the health it gives them, also this ability gives everyone in the party an aditional 30 resistance to all elements. That stacked with planar protection gives the group 60 resistance to all elements plus what there sigils have and also gives the warrior an editional 9% health and 15 more points in resistances.

Another cooldown this spec gives you is Air Command, this cooldown is really good during a fight that the raid can tend to take a massive amount of damage in a hurry because Air command increases healing done by party members by 15% and an aditional 10% to the warrior himself increasing the healing done to the tank by 25%.

The spec also comes with Aspect of the Elements that gives the group an aditional 37 resistances when your fighting a boss that uses alot of magic damage for instance Cinderburst in Upper Caducius Rise.

The Paladin tree gives you a couple Buffs and one cooldown and increases the threat generated by your attacks by an editional 20%

The only buff the Paladin tree gives you is Touch of Life which any warrior should be familiar with, this ability heals the Paladin to full health in an instant.

One added perk to this spec is the fact that you also get the ability Fleet of Foot that incrases your movement speed by 50% for 15 seconds, how you use it it completely up to you.

Also you gain the ability Intercept, this ability is used on a player in your party which transfers the threat the person you cast it on causes to be transfered to you for 6 seconds.


Paladin (14) / Paragon (21) / Warlord (31)

Buffs to use in this Spec:

Aspect of the Fallen Hero - increases your endurance by 45

Aspect of the Elements - Increases resistances by 37
(you can only use one of these buffs at one time so only use
Aspect of Elements if the group takes alot of Elemental damage during the boss you are on)

Battlefield Distraction - Reduces enemy's chance to hit you by 5%

Way of the Mountain - Makes you immune to knockbacks and immune to damage from knockback abilitys

Battlefield Awareness - Makes your Call and Command abilitys to increase your dodge by 3% and causes by ammount of threat to up to 10 enemies within 10 meters of the warrior

Focus of Body - increases your strength by 40

Shield of the Hero - Increases block and hit rating by 5% each

Aegis of Vitality - Increases Endurance by 40


The macros for this spec require some /saveequip save points on your gear to switch from sword and shield to duel wield to use Bend like the Reed then back to sword and shield.

To save equipment slots for example I will use my save slots to demonstrate.

/saveequip 2 - is where i saved my sword and shield
/saveequip 4 - is where i saved my duel tanking swords

/loadequip 2 - loads my sword and shield
/loadequip 4 - loads my two tanking swords

The following Macros will use my equipment numbers so make sure you change the numbers accordingly to fit your own

Main AP Builder Macro:

#show Aggressive Block
loadequip 2
cast Aggressive Block
cast Wrist Strike
cast Sweeping Strike
cast Promise of Steel
cast Empowering Strike

Main Finisher Macro:

#show Call to Entrench
cast Call to Entrench
cast Predictable Movements
cast Spotter's Order

(you can remove Predictable Movements from this macro if you choose and use it as an aditional cooldown or use it as you please)

Retaliation Macro:

#show Turn the Blade
cast Retaliation
cast Turn the Blade

(This macro is only usable after you Parry of Block an attack)

Parry Cooldown Macro:

#show Bend Like the Reed
loadequip 4
cast Bend Like the Reed

(this cooldown requires the loadequip to swap your weapons from sword and shield to duel tanking weapons in order to be able to use Bend like the Reed)

(you do not need to have two tanking weapons to use this cooldown, if you do not have two tanking weapons just use your tanking weapon and a dps weapon as you will only have these weapons on for a split moment)

Here is a picture example of how it effects my parry rating when I use Bend like the Reeds and also my Resistances. Keep in mind I do not have a resistance Sigil yet so if you do have one you can imagine what it could make your resistances



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