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Marmar's Field Journal: Entry 1: Return From The Dead

By: Marmar

It was a miracle of the Vigil. I had returned and moreover, I'd been given such gifts of power! Before I knew what i was...I knew what i was. An immortal, capable of communing with living and dead alike. Seer of spirits and otherworldly things. Beholder of what will never be and what could still happen. And family was not beside me. No one of the village returned except for my sister Shesa. Of course I could only be proud for a moment since it seemed I was not the only one the Vigil felt they needed.

She took it with earnest and honor, much like she did when Shyla called the High Elves to rally behind the Mathosians. Look where that got us! Dead! All of us dead the instant those horrid undead minions of Regulos devoured the world! And when do we return to? The last moments Telara has before Regulos takes everything...great going Vigil.

Listen to me. A few moments into contemplating my fate and I'm speaking ill of the Vigil. I bet this is why they brought back someone like me. My sister was always the selfless one, always the caring one and it got her nothing but trouble. Me? I liked me and only me. That vanity was justified by my equal love of plants. But I can't enjoy plants if there are people dying around me. I can't grow a new breed of rose when the forest is in danger of burning down, now can I?

I will make the Vigil proud. They will not regret this. But first I must kill this hoard of goblins by Argent Glade.

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