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Raid Lures & Where You Can Use Them

By: Foghladha

In Sanctum inside the center building to the left their is a doorway where each faction merchant sells 4 items of interest.

1. For 250 Planarite: Husk for use with 5 Malformed Souls to open Expert Rifts
2. For 500 Planarite: A Husk for use with 10 Corrupted Souls to open Raid Rifts

Additionally If You Are Honored with the Faction:
3. For 1750 Planarite: A Lure which opens a Expert Rift
4. For 3500 Planarite: A Lure which opens a Raid Rift

Here is where Each One Can Be Used:

EXPERT: Explosive Tendencies - Shimmersand
RAID: Drakith Hatchery - Shimmersand

EXPERT: Redemption of Perdenn - Stillmoor
RAID: Terror of Undeath - Stillmoor

EXPERT: Primal Evolution - Stillmoor
RAID: Growth of the Aelfwar - Stillmoor

EXPERT: Revenge of the Icewatch - Iron Pine Peak
RAID: Hunger of the Deep - Iron Pine Peak

EXPERT: Storm Legion Elite - Iron Pine Peak
RAID: Winds of Chaos - Shimmersand

EXPERT: Auricore Forerunners - Shimmersand
RAID: The Golden King - Shimmersand

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