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The Skald: How To Be A Melee Bard

By: Elth

The Skald - Melee Bard

This is a quick guide for those of you that want to try a more challenging Bard experience.
The main point of this build is to combine the Deadly Dance ability from Bladedancer with the healing power of Cadence effectively doubling your healing power compared to that of a regular 51 point bard.

The Build


Riff > Deadly Strike
Cadence > Cadence > Annihilate
Cadence > Power Chord > Deadly Dance
Cadence > Cadence > Cadence Deadly Dance (Repeat until Riff is off cooldown or Annihilate needs Refresh)

- One Cadence will heal better than a 5cp Coda of Restoration with Deadly Dance buff.
- 25 Hit rating if you are struggling
- 15% extra attack power
- You are still able to Resurrect

- You lose Fanfare of Knowledge, Verse of Vitality and Verse of Joy.
- Your cadence is calculated by melee weapon dps instead of ranged (this is a moot point when using cadence with Deadly Dances 110% buff though)

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