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Ultimate Rift Emote And Macro Guide

By: Keegan

**Basic Rift Commands-Emotes**

(All emotes are /"emote")


**Basic Rift Commands-General**

(All commands are /"Command")

abilitybar - Selects a specific ability bar page from your main bar.

afk - Sets you "Away From Keyboard" with optional message.

alias - Allows you to create alias for your commands.

cancelbuff - Cancels a buff by name.

cast - Casts a specific spell.

clearfocus - Clears a focus set by the /Focus command.

combatlog - Brings up the combat log.

dismount - Dismounts you from your mount.

dnd - Sets your chat to "Do not Disturb" with optional message.

duel - Starts a duel.

dungeoninfo - Displays dungeon info.

equip - Equips selected item.

equipslot - Untested

filter - Turns adult chat filter on or off.

focus - Sets your focus to selected NPC or player.

follow - Follows the target.

friend - Add player as a friend.

help - Brings up available commands.

inspect - Looks at a target players gear.

loc - Gives your location.

macro - Brings up the macro section.

motd - Edits message of the day.

played - Shows your time played.

pvptoggle - Toggles your PVP flag on or off.

random # - Rolls a number randomly up to the number specified.

report - Reports a player.

returntorespawn - Returns you to the graveyard if you are dead.

role # - changes your role.

startattack - Starts melee auto-attack.

startrangedattack - Starts ranged Auto-Attack.

stopattack - Stops your attack.

stopcasting - Cancels casting.

target - Selects target player or NPC.

targetexact - Selects the exact name of a NPC or Player.

targetmark - To target the marked target specified by

time - Displays the server time and the local time.

version - Gives you the current RIFT version.

who - Opens the social window.

**Basic Rift Commands-Party**

(All party commands are /"Command")

clearallmarks - Clears away all target marks.

dumpraid - Creates a file that lists the members of a raid.

invite - Invites target player to your party.

kick - Kick player from your party.

leader - Transfer party lead to player.

mark # - Mark a target with designated number.

partyleave - Leave your party.

raid_create - Create a raid.

raid_disband - Disband a raid.

readycheck - Prompts a ready window for everyone to confirm readiness.

resetinstances - Resets a instance.

**Basic Rift Commands-Chat**

(All Chat commands are /"Command")

chat # ,# - Selects a chat channel you have joined and enters a message when a message follows the space after the number. See /chatlist for chatlist numbers.

chatlist - Gives the list of chat channels and their numbers you have joined and that can be selected by /1, /2, etc. Aliases of this command are chatinfo and chatwho.

guild - Selects the guild chat channel and enters a message when a message follows the space after the command. Aliases for this command are /gu, /gc and /g.

join - Joins a chat channel when the channel exists or not. Aliases for this command are chatjoin, cjoin, channel and chan.

leave # - Leaves a chat channel by giving its number. See /chatlist for chatlist numbers. Aliases for this command are /chatleave, /chatexit, /cleave and /cexit.

lfg - Short command to join the LFG channel (/join LFG).

party - Opens a party channel and sends a message when a text follows the space after the command to all party members. Alias for this command is p.

tell - Opens a tell/whisper channel to another character and sends a message in this private channel when a text follows the space after the character name.

Aliases for this command are whisper, w and t. The hotkey 'r' or the command reply can be used to respond to the last person sending you a tell (or whisper).

wf - Opens a warfront team channel and sends a message when a text follows the space after the command to all warfront team members.

raid - Opens a raid channel and sends a message when a text follows the space after the command to all raid members. Alias of this command is /rsay.

say - Opens an local channel and sends a message when a text follows the space after the command. Alias for this command is s.

yell - Opens an local channel and sends a message when a text follows the space after the command. Work like say but the text get another color to emphasize it. Alias for this command is shout.

announce # - Enables join/leave announcements for a given channel. Alias for this command is /ann.

chatban # - Kick and bans a player from a chat channel. Aliases for this command are /ban, /bk and /cban.

chatinvite # - Invites a player to a private chat channel. Alias for this command is /cinvite.

chatunban # - Unbans a player from a chat channel. Aliases for this command are /unban and /cunban.

moderator # - Make a player character moderator of the given channel. Alias for this command is /mod.

owner # - Transfers channel ownership to another player character.

password # - Sets the channel's password, or clears it if no password entered.

private # - Make a channel private. People must be invited using /cinvite to join.

public # - Makes a channel public. Anyone can join who is not on the ban list.

unannounce # - Disables join/leave announcements for a given channel. Alias for this command is /unann.

unmoderator # - Remove moderator permissions for a player character on the given channel. Alias for this command is /unmod

**Basic Rift Commands-Pet**

(All Pet commands are /"Command")

petaggressive - Sets your pet to attack anything that comes into range.

petattack - Sets your pet to attack the current target.

petcast - Your pet will cast the spell given.

petdefensive - Pet will only attack when attacked.

petfollow - Pet will follow you.

petstay - Pet stays at current location.

petname - Sets your pet name.

petpassive - Sets your pet to do nothing, even if attacked.

**Basic Rift Commands-Guild**

(All guild commands are /"Command")

dumpguild - Generates a file with the entire guild roster on it.

ginvite - Invite a player to the guild.

gleave - Leave the guild.

guild - Type a message to the guild.

gkick - Kick a player from the guild.

glog - Brings up the guild log.

gsetmotd - Sets the guild Message Of The Day.

gpromote - Promotes a guild member to a rank designated.

gsetnotes - Changes the Guild Notes message.

**Special Macro Commands**

/saveequip followed by an index number (e.g. “/saveequip 1″).
o This saves the currently equipped set of equipment to the specified index.

/loadequip followed by an index number (e.g. “/loadequip 1″).
o This loads the saved set of equipment from the specified index.

/cast followed by an ability name (e.g. “/cast Motif of Tenacity”).
o This casts the specified ability. You can specify a target for that ability using special targeting syntax (e.g. /cast @mouseover Commander’s Order)

/wait followed by a number of seconds (e.g. “/wait 1″)
o This is used to tell the game engine to wait the specified number of seconds before issuing the next command.

o This tells the game engine to stop the current action and is a necessary intermediate step between chained macro commands.

/use item
o This uses the item named (e.g. /use Blessed Tome)

**Special Commands**

exportui -- exports your UI, Chat, macro settings to a file

importui -- imports your UI, Chat settings from a file. This works across characters, shards, factions, and even accounts.

exportkeybindings -- exports your keybinds to a file
importkeybindings -- imports your keybinds from a files. This works across characters, shards, factions, and even accounts.

tweetpic - Tweet a Screenshot

Tweet - Opens the twitter interface.

%o - *Example* /p Attack %o. -> Attack him. or Attack her.

%p - *Example* /s Take %p loot. -> Take her loot. or Take his loot.

%s - *Example* /t %s is waiting. -> he is waiting. or she is waiting.

%T - displays the target selected in chat.

@Focustarget - Cast a spell at a target of a focused target, E.G. /cast @Focustarget Soul lance

@Lasttarget - Cast a spell on your last target before your current target

#show “ability” - Causes the macro to inherit the icon and ability icon of the skill.

**Advanced Macro Strings**

To use the following strings you will need to create a macro. To do this you go to the options menu then select macros or simply type /macro. Here you can select a
icon (or use the #show command to get the icon you desire) and enter the strings into the blank field. Once you create your macro you can place it on a spot on your AbilityBar. Some macros let you clear up AbilityBar space by organizing different spells into one macro instead of having every spell hot keyed (keep in mind those macros will only use "1" skill due to patching of stringed abilities).
Below are a few example that I have found at the moment.

*Assisting main Tank*


*As a tank or puller let people know you are pulling while getting hate*

party I am pulling the target %T

*One button Follow command for a person you group with a lot*


*Healing – do this for all 5 group members and you have a handy 1 button heal for each, you can mess around with different skills and combinations but you get the idea*


*Chat warnings with skills*

party I am Squirreling the target %T , touch him and you will get rabies!!!
cast Transmorgrify

*MouseOver Heal Example*

#show Basic Heal
cast [ctrl] @mouseover Heal Over Time
cast [ctrl] Heal Over Time
cast [alt] @mouseover Big Heal
cast [alt] Big Heal
cast @mouseover Basic Heal
cast Basic Heal

*Setting up Reactionary Skills - Be sure to put the reactants on top so it cycles correctly*

#show Flamespear (ranged ability)
cast Furious Rage (reactive such as on block)
cast Face Slam (melee ability with a cooldown such as 6 seconds)
cast Reckless Strike (Melee Range Spamable)
cast Stonespear (ranged ability with cooldown)
cast Flamespear (ranged spamable)

*Ever get tired of adding every planar damage item onto a bar, here is a solution!*

Use "Planar damage item 1"
use "Planar damage item 2"
use "Planar damage item 3"
use "Planar damage item 4"

*Switching to DPS mode in a group but your tank is in danger??? try this if you are helping with heals on a tank for easy continuation of damage*

party Mages can heal now???? Just did!!!!! <--- optional
assist <---- re-targets the target your tank is targeting, so you can just start casting DPS again.

*Using chat in macros to remind you to rebuff*

\\\Do This Step first\\\
private # - Make a private chat

\\\This is The Macro\\\
wait 25
<#> \\\Use the number of your chat\\\ - "Motif" is wearing off, re-cast it now!!
party - This will switch your primary chat back to party mode for you. You can also use /say to go back to general chat.

*Calling out Targets with group support*

\\\Calling out a target\\\
mark 1 @mouseover
party Prepare to spike damage in 2 seconds
cast @mark 1 debuff/snare

\\\Rest of team applies damage with this double tap\\\
cast @mark 1 Damage on a cooldown
cast @mark 1 Spammable damage

**Single Button Multiple Ability Macro**


and so on.

The first line determines what ability icon is shown for the macro on your hotbar. It will also show that abilities status.
The second line allows the macro to work if the early abilities are not available.
The remaining lines are the order you wish to cast abilities.

As an example, for an Assassin's basic attack you have 3 choices, Backstab (requires you to be behind the target), Puncture (10 sec cooldown), and Savage Blow (instant, no cooldown). I would list these abilities in my macro in the order they are named. This means if I am behind my target I will use Backstab, if not puncture, if puncture is on cooldown (most of attacks in a fight) I will use Savage Blow.

Other considerations:

If you have reactive abilities you can put them on a single macro, or combine them early in a macro with normal attacks. If they are available, they go off. If not the macro cycles through.
If you have ranged and melee abilities, you can put the ranged abilities after the melee. If you move out of melee range (happens in PvP alot), then the ranged attacks are triggered. (warning, in dungeons this can cause a ranged auto attack at the worst moment)

More to come. Plus a big shoutout to BlackholeX and Hygeliac for all the info!

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