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Celestial Matrix

Collection Method:

Looted Item

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Item Information

Celestial Matrix
Materials Regent
Use: Break apart into 10 Celestial Motes, Requires a Planar Attuner.

Extremely rare planar crafting material found in Prophecy of Ahnket crafting rifts. Used in some crafting recipes.

Used to Make:

Item Type Slot Level Skill  Cost Request Item
Chondritic Battlebow Bow Ranged 70 525 16,139 Order Item
Chondritic Sallet Chain Armor Helmet 70 525 18,089 Order Item
Chondritic Cowl Cloth Armor Helmet 70 525 28,493 Order Item
Chondritic Cannon Gun Ranged 70 525 16,889 Order Item
Chondritic Hood Leather Armor Helmet 70 525 27,059 Order Item
Chondritic Helmet Plate Armor Helmet 70 525 18,089 Order Item