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Spirit-Tempered Signet


1 Tempered Orichalcum Bar
2 Ethereal Flux
4 Infinite Essence
2 Eternal Planar Dust
300 Artificing Skill Required

Discovered By:

Former Member

Item Information

Spirit-Tempered Signet
Ring Accessory
Intelligence +16
Wisdom +26
Endurance +13
Hit +19
Spell Power +12
Resist All +80

Spirit-Tempered Battlegear
(2): Increases Endurance by 20.
(3): Increases Spell Power by 20.
(4): Grants a chance for your healing Abilities to surround your target with a shield that will absorb half of all incoming damage up to 500 for up to 10 seconds.

Calling: Cleric
Required Level: 50

Top 5 Spirit-Tempered Signet Crafters:

# Handle Items Produced
1 Jexia 5
2 MrOrange 3
3 Gill 2
4 Rshiel 2
5 Lace 2

Recent Quests:

Listed Item Quest Giver Completed By Progress
Sep. 08th 1 x Spirit-Tempered Signet Aimii Upton Completed
Aug. 15th 1 x Spirit-Tempered Signet Fingon Shadyzee Completed
Jun. 25th 1 x Spirit-Tempered Signet Rylocke Jexia Completed
Jun. 17th 1 x Spirit-Tempered Signet Prissy Hosfi Completed
Jun. 17th 1 x Spirit-Tempered Signet Tashwen Ryclops Completed
Jun. 16th 1 x Spirit-Tempered Signet Aemir Naay Completed
May. 31st 1 x Spirit-Tempered Signet Malle Jexia Completed
May. 13th 1 x Spirit-Tempered Signet Cameryn Azraki Completed
Apr. 26th 1 x Spirit-Tempered Signet Corbenic Naay Completed
Mar. 19th 1 x Spirit-Tempered Signet Kabliga MrOrange Completed