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Ban Ridire de na Iomproidh


Ban Ridire de na Iomproidh

Falaria's Blog

August 07th, 2020

GW 1 HOM Points - Minis

Hello All!

Are you still working on your titles in GW1 for HOM points? Need a few more mini pets to finish off that title or just looking to fill out your personal collection? I've gone through my stash and I've got quiet a few extras collecting dust. These are Free un-dedicated minis. In addition, I've a few extra tomes that I'll list at the end of the post if you need those, too. Please free to PM/Mail me in GW 2 when you can/want to meet up in GW 1. I can meet up anywhere in game except pre-sear. My player name in GW1 is Falaria Borg.

Guildwars 1 Mini Pets

First Year

Charr Shaman (Purple)
Prince Rurik (Gold)

Second Year

Aatxe (White)
Fire Imp (White)
Juggernaunt (White)
Harpy Ranger (White)
Mandragor Imp (White)
Wind Rider (White)
Elf (Purple)
Palawa Joko (Purple)
Lich (Gold)

Third Year

Nornbear (Purple)
Freezie (Purple) x2
White Rabbit (Gold)

Fourth Year

Desert Griffon (White)
Eye of Janthir (Green)
Flowstone Elemental (Purple)
Flame Djinn (Gold)

Fifth Year

Cobalt Scabara (White) x2
Fire Drake (White) x2
Summit Giant Herder (White)
Oola (Purple)

Seventh Year

Mad King Thorn (Green)

Canthan New Year / Year 2012
Celestial Dragon (Gold) x2

Promotional / MMOZine
Ceratadon (Gold)
I haven't noted for myself in my notes if this code has been given to anyone yet...

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