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Ard Tiarna de na Iomproidh Dearg


Ard Tiarna de na Iomproidh Dearg

Member Profile:

Status: Active
Rank: Ard Tiarna de na Iomproidh Dearg
Joined: August 03, 2010
Last Seen: June 21, 2016
Active Membership:
Membership History:
ArenaNet ID: Redneck.7681

Social & Communication:

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Family Record:

Branch Level Title Points Progress
Family Honor Points Valor 14 General 40,158
Family Honor Points Fellowship 13 Knight's Apprentice 36,661
Discovery Explorer 0 Wanderer 5
Scholar Scholar 3 Author 123
Artisan Points Artisan 6 Novice Journeyman 1,488
Artisan Points Social 0 Novice Associate 0



Devotion Rank 16Valor Rank 14Fellowship Rank 13 Scholar Rank 3Artisan Rank 6  

Redneck's Retinue:

Guild Wars 2
Race Calling Character Name Level Tradeskills  
Human Elementalist Bloodburner 0  
Norn Warrior GoreWrath 0  
Sylvari Necromancer Oldroar Necro 0  
Charr Engineer Redneck O R 0  
Sylvari Ranger Talsmir 0  
Faction Calling Character Level Tradeskills Story
   Mage Bloodburner 52 
   Rogue Redneck 50 
   Warrior Gorerath 23 
   Mage Scorchneck 21 
   Cleric Talsmir
Warhammer Online
Faction Class Ward Character Level Renown Trade 1 Trade 2   Story
    Archmage  Talsmir 35  33  None  Scavenging       
    Engineer  Redneckdwarv 24  23  Talisman Making  Scavenging       
    White Lion  Sanggo 12  12  None  Scavenging       
    Rune Priest  Redneckhealz          
    Bright Wizard  Bloodburner None  Butchering       
Elder Scrolls: Online