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Caomhnoir de na Capall Bán


Caomhnoir de na Capall Bán

Member Profile:

Status: Inactive
Rank: Caomhnoir de na Capall Bán
Joined: March 28, 2012
Last Seen: May 16, 2013
Active Membership:
Membership History:
ArenaNet ID: Thoel.9546

Social & Communication:

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Family Record:

Branch Level Title Points Progress
Family Honor Points Valor 20 Legendary Grandmaster Warlord 103,079
Family Honor Points Fellowship 15 Decorated Knight 56,816
Discovery Explorer 9 Guide 2,806
Scholar Scholar 2 Teacher 96
Artisan Points Artisan 10 Novice Foreman 9,197
Artisan Points Social 0 Novice Associate 0



Devotion Rank 13Valor Rank 20Fellowship Rank 15Explorer Rank 9Scholar Rank 2Artisan Rank 10  

Thoel's Retinue:

Guild Wars 2
Race Calling Character Name Level Tradeskills  
Sylvari Elementalist Linden Bough 0  
Human Ranger Shane Erador 0  
Human Thief Thoell 0  
Human Guardian Xetrious 0  
Asura Mesmer Zippy Zapnstuff 0  
Faction Calling Character Level Tradeskills Story
   Cleric Aenvan 60 
   Warrior Kevti 60 
   Mage Michre 60 
   Mage Xetyios 51 
   Warrior Zahared 50 
Elder Scrolls: Online