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Muintir de na Faolchu


Muintir de na Faolchu

Ullur's News Highlights:

May. 21, 2018

Ullur Is Awarded The Rank Of Muintir de na Faolchu

Ullur is known as Aena Iristi, and Ullur Wuldor. They have participated in victories over 10 Guild Bounties, 4 Guild Rushes, 4 Family Events, 3 Defenses, 3 Assaults, 2 Dungeon Stages, 2 Guild Treks, 2 Guild Puzzles, 2 Guild Challenges, 2 Captures, 1 Brawls, and 1 Assassinations by the side of their family. For their outstanding dedication to the family they have been awarded the rank of Muintir de na Faolchu.

   Recent Headlines:
May. 21, 2018 Ullur Has Been Awarded The Title Scout
Apr. 02, 2018 Ullur Has Been Awarded The Title Apprentice Scout
Apr. 17, 2013 Joel Has Been Awarded The Title Devoted Militiamen
Mar. 22, 2013 Joel Has Joined The Family