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Ban Saighdiuir de na Aracos


Ban Saighdiuir de na Aracos

Val's Blog

July 15th, 2020

I give Thanks

It's been almost a year since I joined this wonderful family. Starting out with many character's, I found my Guardian to be the most enjoyable and for many reason's. One is that I was powerful enough not to die and move forward to the quest objectives. Second, I was able to support the members in my group with buff's and withstand powerful hit's while I healed others.
I have yet to open the entire map, which I'm working on, as well as working my alt's which I enjoy greatly. Crafting seemed to be a little hard for me, due to the cost of items and I could never seem to have the money to do so, therefore that will also be in the works soon.
I just wanted all of you to know how much I've enjoyed my time in Gaiscioch's events, the friends that I've made and the prayer's I received in time of need.
Thanks to all of you who have helped in my journey in the world of Guild War 2. I pray that all of you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving, that you may be safe and blessed with loved one's around you...

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    I had a great time with all of you... just need to open my map up a little more. Hopefully I'll be ready next time.
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    It was the first time in a Ranger Roundtable for me. Being only lvl38 I gained information about different their builds, pets and skills, most were lvl80. Their information will be invaluable. If I may suggest, anyone having a Ranger to come to these meetings...