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Curadh de na Iomproidh Gorm


Curadh de na Iomproidh Gorm

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  • Battle Recap:
    A Party at the Grotto
    So we got a nice little group together to run the vet version of Fungal Grotto last night. Was pretty fun, but of course it provided plenty of its vet challenge. The first mini-boss we downed after a few attempts. Pretty much the name of the game on this guy was stay out of the poison circles of doom! Then we got to the first "main" boss, Gamyne Bandu...
  • Battle Recap:
    A Hard Fought Battle
    Well, two of us finished out first ever vet dungeon! We both got one of the new helms as well for our effort! Went pretty good and we only had a few rough spots and wipes. Well done all around I think.
  • Battle Recap:
    A Little Jaunt in the Desert
    Epic adventure in the desert! Event was actually led and ran by @namesos, but he is not high enough level to post events. He did a fantastic job getting everyone together though! Well done Neo!