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Beliefs & Morals

The family is derived of thick Celtic Beliefs. Many of the rules and guidelines for families stem back to the ancient Celtic Tribes of 600 BC. The Gaiscioch na Anu Extended family follow their own code of conduct which is outlined in the following topics:

House Rules

1. Blades Out Not In

An ancient Celtic family rule which states that one member of the family shall not turn their blade on their family. Hate and Rage are to be pointed outwardly at the foes invading our lands. Love and Companionship are to be pointed inward at the family. Attacking a member of the family can result in dismissal and will be dealt with swiftly by each family leader.

Family Etiquette

1. Think We Not Me

When asking for help from the family try to avoid wording your request as such that you are asking someone to do the work for you. A statement such as "Can someone help me with this quest?" is a request, however a by rewording your statement to "I am organizing a group for this quest, If you are interested let me know." you create an invitation. Both mean the exact same thing however one expresses that you are looking out for your family not just for yourself. This in turn will encourage shared adventures. After all, a family is not about you or I, it's about us.

2. Power Leveling: Rush through Life, Rush into Death

Once upon a time a really loving family leader thought it a good idea to help a young man learn faster. He went from being season 10 to being season 40 over the course of less than one month. Soon came a day that this young lady asked the lad to meet her in Howth. The lad replied, "Where's Howth?" She then said, "take a horse from Magmell to Howth." He replied, "Where's Magmell?" The lady then realized that the lad had little to any real understanding of his environment. She had thrown this lad into the wild without letting him completely learn his surroundings or develop his skills, which in turn crippled his ability to effectively enjoy the life in which he had developed. The Moral of the story is Rush through life, and ye will rush into death. Though it may seem better to learn quicker yet in the end the only thing you do is harm yourself. It is with this that we discourage power leveling. Groups should be formed using members that are able to hold their own way. If someone offers to help ye gain a level or two it should be considered a gift not a responsibility.

3. Conversation

We began as a roleplay guild so we naturally welcome roleplay but have learned that forcing roleplay upon people does not always result in the best experience. We are all about having fun and having fun with others. We do ask that you be respectful to others and keep chat clean. We do have a lot of young family members or family members with children and do not wish to bring adult chatter to our family. If you must, create a chat group to discuss it in private.

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