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For the Realm! AvA - 9/30/15

Ban Caomhnoir de na Iomproidh Corcra
Ban Caomhnoir de na Iomproidh Corcra
Posted On: 09/26/2015 at 02:35 PM

For those who haven't read the event details, this will be the last AvA event I run for awhile.  It will be concert season / swimming season / kids are too darn busy season.  So if you enjoy my Wednesday night romp, stop by this Wednesday for (what looks to be) my final AvA event for the year.  I want to thank all of those who have come to my weekly events, and I have enjoyed having you all be a part of the fun.  Hope to see you this Wednesday!

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Caomhnoir de na Fhiaigh Buí
Caomhnoir de na Fhiaigh Buí
Replied On: 09/27/2015 at 09:15 PM PDT


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Draoi de na Fhiaigh Corcra
Draoi de na Fhiaigh Corcra
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Replied On: 09/28/2015 at 08:29 AM PDT
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  • Twitch

Don't think I've had the chance to participate in your events but I know they are enjoyed by many!

Hopefully you still get time to jump on and wreck havok with everyone, once in a while:).


"Those who Judge, do not Matter. Those who matter, do not Judge."
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