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Trials (Raids) temporarily cancelled until we can find a better time for players

Draoi de na Iomproidh Dubh
Draoi de na Iomproidh Dubh
  • ESO: @Sir_Henry.Vale
Posted On: 09/25/2017 at 07:11 AM
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Hello fellow Gaiscioch:


I have removed all the trial events from the calendar for the time being until we get a more suitable time for players to be able to run this event again.  The last 3 weeks we were barely able to fill half the raid group, which ended up being cancelled.  The previous time we had at 5PM PST/8PM EST was slightly better but still had to pull from other guilds 3-4 players.  Plus due to later time, we had to end a certain time so people could go to bed for Monday's work week.  This has become a balance act to fit a good time and still be able to finish the trial.  Well, if people can give days and times this could work, I will make a new schedule based on the feedback.  For now, no trials are planned.  


Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Sir Henry Vale

May the Gods forgive your sins against us, but my sword shall not!
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Episode 13: For Honor on PlayStation Adventures
For Honor     9
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