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Magicka NB DPS: The Mage Blade

Saighdiuir de na Sailetheach
Saighdiuir de na Sailetheach
  • ESO: @FlyB0y99
Posted On: 06/25/2016 at 12:09 AM



I'm finally feeling like I have my Magicka NB where I want it, so I thought I'd share the build!  This Friday, JjrDragon took us to Sanctum Ophidia, and wow!  Sharpened weapons and a Spell Damage Glyph on my Fire Staff have made a huge improvement!

Why Mix one dagger in with a sword for DW?  Apparently, one Sword is all you need for the bonus Spell damage, and the dagger increases Crit!  I am seeing no difference on which hand the dagger is in, but with dagger in main hand is how I got the DPS at last night's SO Trial.

I have based this build off of Machinate's Magicka NB build on Tamriel Foundry:

I am however, using the armor sets of Alcast's Magicka Templar:

So that's 5x Twice Born Star, all Divines & Light armor, 4x Julianos, 2x Light Divines armor, 1x Sharpened Sword, 1x Dagger both Magicka Leeching enchants (can be anything, I like extra magicka in emergency) on the AoE bar & Sharpened Fire Staff with Spell Damage enchant (Very Important!) for Single Target Bar, 3x Will Power Jewelry Arcane with Spell Power Enchantments (This might change for you if you need more regen, feel free to enchant 1 - 2 Willpower with regen especially if your race doesn't provide reduced cost or regen to magicka).

The rotation is very simple, on the main bar for single target, heavy weave Force Pulse while maintaining Wall of Elements Crippling Grasp and Relentless Focus, when after four heavy weaves, Relentless procs Spectral Bow, fire that, refresh, rinse, repeat, and only swap to DW bar for execute with Impale (while maintaining Wall of Elements).

For AoE DW bar, hit Proxi Det first, followed by Siphoning Strikes, then Wall of elements on main bar, then Sap Essence, rinse repeat (minus the Siphoning Strikes unless you're getting low)!

If you're getting below 40% Magicka, use Siphoning Strikes to sustain, this is with a High Elf NB, your sustain is partially with Heavy Attack weaving, and the rest is with Champion points into maximum reduced cost, the rest into regen, and you get a ton of regen in combat as High Elf.


High Elf also gives you great bonus damage using Force Pulse, you could also swap that for Funnel Health if you're needing more survivability.  Breton and Dark Elf work, however, I really prefer the sustain and extra damage with Force Pulse of High Elf the best.


If you get hit hard and need a quick bit of health, Sap Essence will help a lot too even with a single target to get some health up.


One of the greatest advantages of this build is mobility, maintaining Crippling Grasp gives you a speed buff, and you are able to stay at range 99% of the time, for single target fights, you only need to be close enough for your Wall of Elements to hit the target.  This is your bread 'n butter DoT!  If you have low resources and have to choose, maintain Wall of Elements as you continue to Heavy Weave.




Last Edited on: 06/26/2016 at 10:59 AM
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