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Fundraising for feast Recipe: Tray of Orange Coconut Bar

Ridire de na Fhiaigh Buí
Ridire de na Fhiaigh Buí
  • GW2: susulemon.3204
Posted On: 10/23/2012 at 04:28 PM

Hi Family,

I'd like to start a fundraising event for the Orange Coconut Bar feast, a feast is a tray of food that can be placed upon the ground for the public to eat from, it lasts 5 minutes, and I don't think there is a limit for how many people can eat from it, unless GSCH proves otherwise :D


Orange Coconut Bar:

Required lvl: 50

+22% magic find

+20% gold find

+10 exp


The reasons why I choose the orange coconut bar:

-lv50 is kind of a middle ground between high and low levels, higher level drops are also more worthwhile therefore a lower level feast may not be most efficient, while higher level feasts are currently too expensive to craft due to shortage of the "O" berries.

-I choose magic find and gold find because, everyone loves loot~! I tried adding magic find in WvW and I've gotten more bags of loot as well, eating this gives us an extra drive to...kill :D


Form of donation:

Please email me (Stolen Sushi) in game any of these amounts that is most comfortable to you:

1) 2 Mystic Coins

2) 6 silver

3) 7 Orange Coconut Bars

And I rephrase again, its one of the above, not all of them. But feel free to send more or less.


Who will get the recipie:

It won't be me, here I also want to call out to any cooks that belives they are active and willing to craft these items to members that requests them(while provided material), to step up and take this recipie when we have it in our hands, this will be for the benift of large family zerg events, small events, your casual dungeon runs, or just providing for the public!



Silver: 6/436

Mystic Coins: 4/50

Orange Coconut Bars: 3/250


» Edited on: 2012-10-23 17:35:19

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