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GSCH Theater coming to GW2 this month for a show!

Tiarna de na Ulchabhan Corcra
Tiarna de na Ulchabhan Corcra
Posted On: 10/03/2015 at 07:17 PM
  • Steam

Hi again all!  I'm back for another round of doing something different!

How this works:  I will run a meeting that can be seen on the calendar, which allows us to talk about scheduling, what we would like to do, and allows me to get a general interest check.  With this all in mind, we set up the time for when we will have a short get together for practice and questions, and the times for our shows.  We also determine what source we wish to use, whether in game lore or something else.  Although attending is not required, I do need to know how many people are interested in showing up, so please at least send me a note on here!
From there, we draw up a script.  Normally I do this myself, but anyone is welcome to participate in script writing.  I'd be thrilled to have shows where somebody gets credit for writing the script!  This script will become a google document, which can then be used by all cast to obtain their lines.  Generally, the practice session is partially dedicated to getting the link for that document out.
The actual event itself is an RP style gathering.  We show up, announce our intent to hold the event so other players can attend and watch, and then tell the story by using chat channels (/say and /yell) and emotes.  I am a little spoiled on the ESO side, as the emote system is nicely fleshed out and I have an addon that offers me the option to pre-type my lines.  I will be looking to see if such a convenient option exists for GW2.

What is required of you:  Showing up to the events themselves.  Practice is optional, and there to help you.  If you aren't at practice for the script, I will send you a link via messaging.
Have access to the game.  Non guild members are welcome to participate in these events.  If you think you know somebody who would enjoy the events, please feel free to let them know about this.  However, I ask that those of you who are regularly on GW2 act as contact points for your friends if they are not in guild.  I'm not on very often, and thus contacting me in the game is not a solid option.  Please do be considerate if you mention this, and help them with finding out the meeting information and/or timetables!
Be kind to others!  These are fun little events that the community can enjoy with us!
Enjoy yourself!  The goal is to have fun doing something a little different.  As the crews doing these events grow and become more used to each other, we may branch into some off events, such as improv comedy or stories.  The two things that are not acceptable are foul language and hostility.  Currently we are still working on building the cast, and I would like people to try to hold as close to lines as possible (obviously some errors are allowed, and we should all try to cover for them should they occur!)
Have a character you want to bring.  You can roll up a fresh toon, or you can use an existing one.  You need only be able to get into the capital cities (these events will always be held in a low level capital city area.)

If you have any questions, please contact me here, or look for me in GameVox.  I will happily take the time (excluding when I am in family events) to talk with you about this, and will reply to Gaiscioch website mail promptly.  I hope to see many of you out enjoying this diversion from the normal activities!

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