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UPDATED Nov 13 Fallout 76 : Read if you like, this is about game play and some tips.

Laoch de na Ulchabhan Dubh
Laoch de na Ulchabhan Dubh
Posted On: 11/02/2018 at 03:48 AM
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Things I learn while playing on Nov 1, 2018 BETA session - Nov 6, 2018 BETA session.

Will be making a Guild Hall House (Sadly it will only be active when I am online)  

  • I have all crafting stations besides the Power Armor Station at the moment.
  • Working on getting other things to make fresh water at least.
  • Thinking, for the time being, will most likely place it outside of Flatwood somewhere which is the first major city which has a robot vendor, you can sell to.

You can make more than one toon, & in the options screen, at any point, you can edit the way you look and even change gender.


  • UPDATE Nov 13 - You can make up to 5 Characters so your aware.
  • UPDATE Nov 13 - Atomic Shop Items are account wide.
  • UPDATE Nov 7 - You can add people to social but can not join them in game until you have left vault 76 so you're aware.
  • UPDATE Nov 7 - Also your character does not save til you have left the vault
  • UPDATE Nov 7 - Tip - Train stations have maps on the wall. 
  • Your first storage unit can hold 400 weight. 
  • Nov 7 Developers state they will increase weight limit after launch but no mention of what new weight limit will be .
  • Travel to vault 76 & Your Camp is free.
  • UPDATE Nov 3 - Free Travel to Team members and their camps when their are logged in game and on same map.
  • UPDATE Nov 4 - you can Free Travel to resource Camps you own.
  • UPDATE Nov 4 - Learn a few free recipes by capturing a Resource camp. ( These camps work seem like Fallout 4 ) Must collect from the Machines that produce items.
  • UPDATE Nov 4 - Resource Camps - Spawn World Events roughly even 45 /60 minutes they are owned. They do reward Experience and Item rewards.
  • You're able to fully repair your gear with materials.
  • The Tab label Junk is the only thing you drop when you die.
  • You pick up notes or holo discs for quests or look on the map for yellow hexagon which are group questions which reward you with items and experience.
  • Note best to sleep in your own bed if you can cause just about every else has a chance of catching a disease. Plus after rest, an amount of your rewarded with buff which yields bonus to experience.
  • If you are carrying more then you weight limit will affect several things. AP, which is used by spiriting and VATS system. Can not fast travel.
  • Crafting yields experience.
  • Keep yourself well feed and hydrated. If not you will suffer from AP.
  • The game does have recipes learn curve to it so be aware of that, but you can only trade as seen so far recipes with other players. ( These recipes would be under notes section in inventory. )
  •  As of right now, only one player can talk to a Robot NPC vendor when selling/buying. 
  • Logs are highly important and can be found just about anywhere. ( Using for cooking, and building. )
  • Can gather water from the river which is dirty water just need to boil at a cooking station. ( using anything that adds radiation reduction helps with this. )
  • UPDATE Nov 3 - If you have more then one of the same weapons Scrap it how you learn mods for upgrading so your aware.
  • UPDATE Nov 3 - Some items require a perk card & recipe to craft them for house mode or craftable useable items. I haven't come across these cards yet but I have seen such.
  • UPDATE Nov 5 Perfect non-damage of fully repaired equipment or weapons when scrap has a chance of giving the recipe to make them at craft stations.


Several perk cards which I have found important with early gameplay.

  1. Perception - Butcher's Bounty - Allows when searching animals to get extra meat. Rank 1
  2. Intelligence - Pharmacist - RedAway removes 30% more radiation. Rank 1
  3. Luck - Pharma Farma - 50% chance to find extra first aid Chems when you search a chem container. Rank 1
  4. Charisma - Lone Wanderer - Take 10% less damage and gain 10% AP regeneration when alone. Rank 1
  5. UPDATE Nov 3 - Hard Bargain - Buying and selling prices at vendors are better.
  6. Endurance - Lead Belly - 30% less radiation from eating or drinking. Rank 1
  7. UPDATE Nov 3 - Strength - Pack Rat - The weight of all junk items is reduced by 25%. Rank 1
  8. UPDATE Nov 4 - Action Boy / Action Girl - Action Points regenerate 15% faster. Rank 1

As of so far, I do not see a way to reset you SPECIAL stats but maybe endgame area you might be able too. 

When leveling up you can preview your perk cards which you get to choose from so keep that in mind.

Melee is a good strong start but after playing and ripping apart gear which does give you mods to use on the ones you want to keep.

  • Note you can craft different level version of the same item so far I can make Level 1 and 5 which increase durability and stats.
  • Note you must scrap Junk on your own this does not auto do it so before storing in you vault chest scrap then store.
  • Things stored in your vault chest at least when in your camp become usable for crafting off all kinds, the crafted goods show up in your inventory keep that in mind.
  • Food does spoil, do not stress tho at one of the crafting stations you can make fertilizer.
  • Note Bobby Pins are hard to find at least I had a hard time. 
  • Note if wanting to play as a lock picker or hacker keep an out for such. Seems at least for locked units replenish over a period of time.
  • Enemies do replenish over time even the non-world event bosses.


  • Note after level 5 you are able to edit under game options friendly fire mode on or off.
  • During my gameplay being over level 5 no one ever attacked me, I get it is early on but seems like a grand game to me so far.


The link below is a breakdown I found but saved on my google drive for fast finding but give what items break down to the core components need for crafting.

My Google Document - Junk List break down

More Might be added to this guide but hope this gives you a simple idea.






Last Edited on: 11/13/2018 at 09:16 AM
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Laoch de na Ulchabhan Dubh
Laoch de na Ulchabhan Dubh
Replied On: 11/13/2018 at 09:17 AM PST
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