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House Tuatha - Conqueror's Blade

Taoiseach de na Arach Glas
Taoiseach de na Arach Glas
  • GW2: Foghladha.2506
  • ESO: @Foley
Posted On: 06/03/2019 at 11:44 PM
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Welcome Warriors!

Join House Tuatha in Conqueror's Blade for a siege experience like no other. We are looking for generals who will brave the battlefields with us. House Tuatha is comprised of an assortment of Gaiscioch, Harbingers of Light, We Immortals Live Dangerously and Relic Gaming members. The aim of House Tuatha is to become a formidable force that can control a piece of land that welcomes all friendly and neutral players to come and reap the benefits of our territories while wiping those who declare upon us from the lands.

Our Credo: Help all who desire assistance, defeat all those who threaten our shores.

Our community will be focused on PvX combat with part of our division taking on Bandits, Expeditions and PvE encounters while the other half takes on PvP encounters and solidifies our territories. Together we will help bring House Tuatha to glory and forge a name of benevolence in a brutal land of chaos.

Join us for one of our weekly events to learn the ropes. We will have events for all levels. 

Learn more about Conqueror's Blade:

Join the Adventure: 

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"It's not the loot and accolades you walk away with, it's the memories and friendships that you cherish forever." - Foghladha
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Tiarna de na Ulchabhan Corcra
Tiarna de na Ulchabhan Corcra
  • GW2: Jairone.6270
  • ESO: @Ytterin
Replied On: 06/04/2019 at 12:31 PM PDT
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Lessons learned so far:

Crafting of unit gear and artillery is from open world resource gathering.  You want to gather from the higher tier nodes if possible.  Not only will higher tier nodes allow the crafting of the better tiers of stuff, but it will give you more lower tier goods for your effort.  Of course you must balance this with food, labor availability, and safety.  Hero gear is earned as drops, or crafted with items gained outside the gathering nodes.  You may find schematics or resources in crates, huts, and so on out and about in the world.  You may also gain some via vaults (post any battle at random), destroying old equipment at the smith, and as drops during expeditions.  To open vaults do weekly quests, those at the home fief need the tutorial point unlocked... but you can travel to turn them in at other safe zone towns if you wish.  As a side benefit, local fief quests can upgrade a fief to allow for better crafting.

Units don't seem too expensive so far, excepting cavalry where the horses are bought or gathered by players.  Everything else can be done with bronze so far.

Check in 'O' to claim daily rewards, and it counts as part of your weekly quests too.

Weapons unlock with 1 skill only, but any PvP battles give some skill points that apply to any weapon you wish.  Therefore fighting some sieges and field battles is important for starting your new weapons... you can also work with a group to cover one weaker warrior as they get started each in turn, of course, or rely upon your troops more.

PvP and AI bot instanced battles in the normal queue, and Expedition battles, are both separate sources of weekly quest gains.  Therefore mixing a little of each in may be beneficial.  Both the AI bot battles and the Expeditions can be done in groups of 5 for nigh instant queues.

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