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The Gaiscioch Leadership

Founder & Activities Director
Benjamin "Foghladha" Foley

By day, Benjamin is a Director of Technology for Franchise Update Media Group, publishers of Franchise Update & Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine. He oversees the production of, the industry's largest information portal, and leads a team of web developers and content managers. Benjamin uses his knowledge to bring to life the website applying all of the techniques he learns. The Gaiscioch website, which is the core of the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community, is entirely designed, programmed, and maintained by code written by Benjamin as a way to provide members with a central hub to all activities within the Gaiscioch. He has a strong background in public relations, marketing, programming, designing, video & audio production, advertising, business management, and leading. He launched his first website in Sept. 1993 titled "Football Central" and has been featured by the Boston Globe, Wall Steet Journal, New York Times, and dozens of other publications. He has worked with Agilent, HP, Oracle, Siebel, Sony, Centerbeam, EO Products, Exodus Communications, INDYcar driver JR Hildebrand, Stuntman Brett Smrz, and Future F1 racer Alexander Rossi. In all Benjamin has produced over 160 unique websites.

In game, Benjamin is a leader of large scale community driven events which incorporate the entire server. He is the mastermind behind the "Battle for Badlands", "Telara Saga", and "Great Tyrian Adventure" public community events and has been leading events since the launch of the Gaiscioch in 2001. When he's not leading community events he is spending time with new players, meeting new members to the Gaiscioch, or passing out goods to new players on their server. Benjamin's passion is the social interaction and entertaining people. In addition he leads and organizes the Gaiscioch Flag-Football team and Gaiscioch Bowling Team in Portland, OR.

Additionally Benjamin is in charge of building relationships with game development studios, media, and charities. He organizes all of our real world events, plans conference appearances, networks with game and media professionals, provides interviews, and organizes charity events. Benjamin overseas all official communication to the press and manages the Gaiscioch reputation.

The Supporting Cast
The Gaiscioch Elder Council

Over the years the Gaiscioch have recruited their top minds into the eldership program. Players that not only excelled in their area of specialty but also helped others to achieve similar goals. The Gaiscioch Eldership is comprised of people who have proven leadership skills and also people who have shown that they have the ability to not only help people but motivate them as well. For each member to become an elder they have to display honor, integrity, fellowship, respect and the willingness to give without reward. While all of our elders may not be active all of the time we make sure to have enough man power overseeing the day to day operation to continue to stimulate community involvement and player interaction.

Chapter 4: Guild Wars 2

Team Facilitator
Izmina Terafer Donaliam
Morigana Smitty Dargron
Oldgoat Soren Dreamtrip

Chapter 5: Elder Scroll Online

Team Facilitator
Morigana Selrina Seacoral
Briseadh Pops Prissy
Verve Izmina

Additional Council

Along our journey there have been some very influential members who have lent their hand in creating the environment that we all share today. While they are no longer among us in their day to day activities, their place in our community and hearts is forever in appreciation. These members may resume an active role in our eldership at any time and we welcome them back with open arms.

Founding Member of
Gaiscioch na Anu (DAOC)
Founding Member of
Gaiscioch na Anu (DAOC)
Leader of Iron Legion
Merged Into The Family
Leader of Iron Legion
Merged Into The Family
Leader of Order Victorious
Merged into the Family
In Loving Memory
In Loving Memory
Vengful Yulishka
First Lady of Gaiscioch

Athletics Team

Supporting the multiple Gaiscioch Flag-Football Teams in the Portland, Oregon area.

Benjamin Foley

Don Rush

Anthony Davis
Team Captain
Jasper Wong

About the Gaiscioch

General & media information

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