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Welcome To Goibniu's Marketplace!

Hail and well met traveler! I am the Legendary Smith Goibniu of the Tuatha de Danann and this is my marketplace. At our marketplace you will find top notch weapons, armor, jewelry, potions, crafting supplies and more from the finest craftsmen in all the land. Looking to get started in a crafting profession? This is the place. Feel free to browse our wares!

The Home Of The Family Artisans

Our Marketplace has filled 91,478 request filled since it opened in 2010. This marketplace is where crafters and buyers meet to fulfill orders, request items, or restock supplies.

By crafting items, you can earn Artisan Points towards your Artisan Rank, which also go toward their overall Family Honor Points. You will also begin to earn contribution which combined with Family Honor Points gets converted into Family Vault Credits.

To place an order, simply browse or search for your desired item, then click the "Order Item" button to view the full item details and ordering form. Fill in the order form and click "Request Item". An Artisan will then claim the request and deliver the item within 14 days. If your crafter did a fine job let them know through feedback or tips. For more information about the Marketplace system please read: The Marketplace - A How-To Info Guide.

Use of the marketplace for monetary gain, or auctioning, is strictly prohibited and will result in the immediate termination of your membership. Remember: Honor, Respect, Integrity, Fellowship. This system is not to be used for personal gain.

Current RIFT Marketplace Statistics For December 2016:

Items Delivered Orders Completed Active Crafters Items Donated
51 6 2 206





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General Goods
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