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Furniture Blueprints


Draoi de na Faolchu Gorm

Draoi de na Faolchu Gorm
ESO: @Sir_Henry.Vale

Posted On: 04/11/2017 at 01:52 PM

Now that the furniture ingredients are on the website, I will work on entering the furniture crafting blueprints into the website's marketplace.  There is over 1,100 of them so it will take some time.  I will input a few a week.  Please note, the blueprints I enter may not guarantee that there is a guild member has on their account since gathering those blueprints is fairly new and time consuming to get them all.


Also, due to quirk in the furniture blueprints, I will entering based on the crafting station they are produced from even though they use other crafts materials.  So you may have to search for your blueprint request through a few crafts if you do not which one it belongs to.


I probably start with the carpentry first since that would have majority of the requests.    I hope to have them all entered by the expansion release.


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