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Gaisgeach na Cu

Valor Record

Valor is signified by ones ability to stand strong in the heat of battle. Leaders of family events must show their valor by leading troops into combat and bringing our troops through the battle successfully. The victories below highlight Lesson's accomplishments on the battlefield as a leader.

Objective Victories Current Title
Boss Creature 56 Seasoned Head Collector
Family Event 31 Skilled Party Animal
Raid Rift 18 Novice Planar Champion
Expert Rift 16 Novice Planar Warden
Expert Dungeon 9 none
Major Rift 6 none
Minor Rift 5 none
Raid Dungeon 1 none

Stories of Valor:

"Thanks once again - I see now how it works in the event you are not running one."
  - TheKali, Nov. 14. 2011

"Thanks Lesson! These are GREAT!"
  - Finnean, Nov. 07. 2011

"Great job leading newbies to raiding!"
  - Methos, Oct. 26. 2011

"Thanks for the good clean run! Everyone was awesome and we ran it fast. Take care and thanks again!"
  - ReapestLife, Oct. 24. 2011

"Lesson put together a fast and successful DRR. Much fun had by all."
  - Limeeka, Oct. 18. 2011

"Thank you very much for having this event! "
  - Gaelan, Oct. 16. 2011

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