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The Gaiscioch Leadership

Founder & Activities Director
Benjamin "Foghladha" Foley

Benjamin created the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community in November 2001 as a community based on the stories of Irish Mythology. His passion for his Irish heritage and upbringing gave him the perfect background to make a Celtic mythos infused gaming community. Since 2001 he has overseen the creation of many public community events including the "Battle for Badlands", "Telara Saga", and "Great Tyrian Adventure" as well as launched a full fledged digital Magazine, and organized a full week lineup of livestreaming content.

In addition to leading the community, magazine, livestream, and athletics teams, he organizes the Gaiscioch Charity events. He also acts as a press liaison for the Gaiscioch communicating between press outlets and game studios. He participated in dozens of closed door focus groups, alphas, betas, and research projects to help make games and is an avid supporter of crowdfunding projects.

The Supporting Cast
The Gaiscioch Elder Council

Over the years the Gaiscioch have recruited their most nurturing people into the eldership program. Players that not only excelled in their area of specialty but also helped others to achieve similar goals. The Gaiscioch Eldership is comprised of people who have proven their knowledge of the Gaiscioch way and have a natural affinity towards helping others. For each member to become an elder they have to display honor, integrity, fellowship, respect and the willingness to give without reward. While all of our elders may not be active all of the time we make sure to have enough man power overseeing the day to day operation to continue to stimulate community involvement and player interaction. Each Chapter is assigned 1 elder per 50 active members. Inactive elders whom have taken a break from one of our chapters, will return to the regular roster. If a former elder returns to an active chapter and a elder seat is available they may resume their eldership role.

Eldership is not a position of leading, it's a position of serving.


Our chapters entertain more than 250 active players and are our primary focus for activities and events and often times hold major public community events.

Chapter 4:
Guild Wars 2

Team Facilitator
Soren Smitty
Terafer Dargron
GmaFog Gilliebod
Mika Briseadh

Legacy Chapters:

Legacy Chapters range from 50-250 players and were once full chapters that we continue to keep alive and well through member participation and activities. Legacy Chapters can but upgraded to Full Chapters if population exceeds 300 active members.

Legacy Chapter 5:
Elder Scroll Online

Team Facilitator
SirHenryVale Verve
Eiahn kiltedpiper
Tybor Berga

Historical Chapters:

Historical Chapters are small scale chapters that range from 5-100 players. They once were large scale chapters that we continue to keep open for players to go back and experience the nostalgia of their old stomping grounds. Historical Chapters can but upgraded to Legacy Chapters if population grows to exceed 100 active members.

Historical Chapter 3:

Team Facilitator
Berga Elaenna
Varder Tip

Historical Chapter 2:
Warhammer Online

Team Facilitator
Maintenance Mairead
Donaliam Radiologikal

Recreational Activities

Our recreational teams serve as ways that members can participate in Gaiscioch activities outside of chapters.

Social Adventures

Team Facilitator
Prissy Selrina
Seacoral Ckemikal

Magazine / Media

Managing Editor
Briseadh Soren
GmaFog Screenager


Team Manager

Additional Council

Along our journey there have been some very influential members who have lent their hand in creating the environment that we all share today. Their place in our community and hearts is permanent and they will forever have our appreciation. These members may resume an active role in our eldership at any time and we welcome them back with open arms.

Leader of Order Victorious
Merged into the Family
Leader of Order Victorious
Merged into the Family
Vengful Yulishka
First Lady of Gaiscioch
Advisor to the Family
Founding Member of
Gaiscioch na Anu (DAOC)
Founding Member of
Gaiscioch na Anu (DAOC)
Leader of Iron Legion
Merged Into The Family
Leader of Iron Legion
Merged Into The Family
Active Member in all 5 Chapters
Former Elder on Leave
Former Elder on Leave

Legends of our Community

These ascended members served pivotal roles in our community and will forever be remembered as part of our eldership team.

In Loving Memory
In Loving Memory
In Loving Memory
In Loving Memory

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