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The Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community Launches RIFT Maps & Guides


Over 4,000 Coordinates For Artifacts, Items, Creatures, Unlocks and More Logged and Counting.

APRIL 20TH 2011 - The Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community today launches its collection of guides to the public. The Gaiscioch Guide to RIFT ( features over 4,000 coordinates of resource nodes, rare creatures, artifacts, collectable items, and other unlocks available. This is a player driven system which is tracked, maintained, and monitored by the Gaiscioch.

Visitors may browse guides for each zone & dungeon in RIFT which include an overview map with markings for of all locations of interest currently known. As the game progresses, visitors will find expanded step-by-step guides for each dungeon with boss break downs, gear set suggestions, and player feedback which can help refine your dungeon experience. As they are discovered more coordinates will become available making the Gaiscioch Guides & Maps the most complete representation of every collectible in the game.

This essential collection is a intuitive resource for any player of RIFT looking to find the location of items, creatures, wardstones, artifacts, collections, titles, crafting resources, and more! The Gaiscioch Guide to RIFT is available at:

The Gaiscioch were founded in 2001 as a social gaming community which gathered like minded people for some fun and friendly gameplay without the stress that comes with most guilds. Its laid back easy going approach has brought with it nearly a decade of success and has grown to reach more than 1,400 registered members. Publicly the Gaiscioch are the host of several well known massive community driven events including: The Battle For Badlands (Warhammer Online) and The Telara Saga ( The Gaiscioch currently can be found in RIFT: Planes of Telara on the Guardian side of the Faeblight server.

For More Information Contact:

Benjamin Foley (Foghladha)