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Gaiscioch Magazine Wraps Up Year One With Issue 4: New Beginnings


Gaiscioch Magazine - Issue IVThe Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community tops off it's first year of publishing the Gaiscioch Magazine with Issue IV: New Beginnings. Over the past year Gaiscioch Magazine has been read over 82,000 times by more than 10,000 readers. It has featured Colin Johanson, Lindsey Stirling, Matt Firor, Scott Hartsman, American McGee, Brett Smrz, Anthony Davis, and adds Mark Jacobs, Ivan Torrent, Derek Brinkmann, Jirí Rýdl, and Carlos Quevedo to the lineup of guests. With this all star cast and a team of novice, yet passionate volunteer journalists Gaiscioch Magazine has carefully portrayed the Gamer Life. For developers it offers extensive insight as to the challenges gamers and communities face from day to day. For gamers, it features news, interviews, previews, art, and even recipes for those late night raids. For the average reader, you will find inspiring stories by people on the front lines of life.

In New Beginnings you will read exclusive an interview about Mark Jacobs' astonishing journey from Dark Age of Camelot to the creation of City State Entertainment and the all new Camelot Unchained. Also featured is Derek Brinkmann, co-founder of Citadel Studios, the developer of Shards Online as well as legendary epic music composer Ivan Torrent and his world renown artist Carlos Quevedo. In our Guides section you can learn about the Guild Wars 2 dungeon Arah and the open world raid boss Tequatl the Sunless. Lastly in our previews you can learn about 10 games daring to change the face of RPG gaming along with an exclusive interview with Jirí Rýdl of Warhorse Studios about their upcoming title Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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About Gaiscioch Magazine

Gaiscioch Magazine launched in March of 2014 as a quarterly fan made, volunteer drive, no-profit magazine. The editorial is focused not only on games but also on the lives of gamer's and the challenges we face. The magazine features interviews, previews, reviews, short stories, recipes and guides from the games currently being played by the Gaiscioch Community.