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The Return Of The Telara Saga


Launched in 2011, the original Telara Saga series was a public community event hosted by the Gaiscioch Community which drew the attention of hundreds of players from the Faeblight shard. The first season pit the Guardians against the Defiants in an epic drive across Telara that led to the Siege of Meridian.

In the final battle more than 800 warriors clashed before it was revealed that Regulos had used the Dragon Cults to provoke a war between the Guardians and Defiants. This was an attempt to reduce the strength of both factions and leave Telara vulnerable to attack.

The second season kicked off seeing the Guardians and Defiants unite as one and lay siege to the Dragon Cults. In their epic campaign across Telara they took down the most ferocious foes found on Terlaran soil sending the Dragon Cults back into hiding.

Nearly four years have passed since the Guardian and Defiants joined forces to fight in the Telara Saga and a new chapter is about to begin. In Season 3, a new threat emerges in the form of an comet hurtling toward the world of Telara. The Guardians and Defiants must unite again to combine their strengths and avoid the destruction of Telara. They strengthen their ranks and prepare an assault on the Ascended Tenebrean construct that seeks to devour us all.

Can the Telarans save their world from utter destruction or will it fall like the worlds that came before. Join us for this epic faceoff against Ahnket and save Telara from destruction.

The Event Details:

Launching February 2th 2017 at 6PM PT, this 10-week campaign will include content for both players who have access to the new content and players who do not. Over the campaign we will introduce players to various types of content ranging from crafting rifts, zone invasions, raid rifts, great hunts, strongholds, nightmare rifts, and epic open world raid bosses.

This event targets difficult achievements, desirable loot sources, and gives players a look at some of the large scale content available in RIFT. At the end of each event a raffle for bonus loot will be held awarding players with a chance to win 26 and 28 slot bags, epic dimension items, REX and special prizes.

Participants will be encouraged to register at the to become eligible for the Weekly Raffle and Grand Prize Raffles. Raffle prizes will be sent to Faeblight characters via in game mail. Cross shard mail is not possible so participants who live on another shard will need to create a new character on Faeblight and level them up to level 15 to receive their raffle prizes. Once they have their prize they can transfer their level 15 character back to their home shard.

Voice communication is provided by Gaiscioch on their Discord server at All are welcome to join for voice instructions, socialization, and some good laughs. Instructions on how to download, install, and connect to discord can be found at:

This event will be broadcasted live on ( and YouTube Gaming (

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