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A Strange Love Pt 1

By: Tashwen

He peered through the trees. She was there waiting for him. He looked around carefully before stepping out into the open. They were far off the road that bridged Silverwood and the Moonshade highlands. Far enough that they would not be discovered.

"You came for me!" she said softly, "I can't believe you really came for me!"

Her black hair peeked out from under the mask. She was tall and slender but not as tall as the elf in front of her.

He stepped forward and said in a gruff voice, "I told you I would take you away from that horrible outfit." He paused a moment then he said in a softer voice, "Take it off. You don't need it anymore."

She stared at him a moment then slowly lifted the mask off her head. He gasped as he saw the beautiful pale face with incredible red lips. Lips he had wanted to kiss for so long. He stepped forward and did so. Kissing her passionately.

She was taken by surprise but did not fight him. Instead she responded with passion of her own.

"Come Aurora," Thelwen said, "It is time for you to go home."

Aurora let the mask fall to the ground. She slipped her hand into his and they moved quietly into the trees.

"What if they come find me?" she asked hesitating.

"Then, we will show Akylios that you no longer follow him." He said simply and kissed her again. They turned once more and stepped out on the road that led to Silverwood.....

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