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Best Found Warrior DPS Spec And Macros

By: Humpy

This is a spec that I use and many warriors use similar. It is a 2 handed paragon spec based highly off the ability Rising Waterfall.

This spec has great single target and AOE capability and also has a good decent amount of Ranged damage that I have managed to pull at least 800 DPS at ranged for my gear level. But as a warrior that isn't really too bad.

The spec has a lot to do with the buffs you use for the kind of damage you are doing

List of Buffs:
Focus of Body - Increases strength by 40
Storm Blade - Adds a little extra damage
Way of the Mountain - Makes you Immune to knock backs and also makes you immune to the damage that knock back abilities cause, also increases the damage of followup attacks such as Rising Waterfall by 30%
Way of the River - Increases Crit my 3%
Way of the Wind - Not Important
Slayer's Bearing - Increases Critical Strike Damage by 15%
Soldier's Bearing - Not Important

Way of the wind, and Soldier's Bearing will not be used at all so you can leave them off your buff bar if you please.

Single Target Buffs
When single target dpsing use:
Focus of body
Storm Blade
Way of the mountain
Slayer's Bearing

The reason you use Way of the mountain over Way of the river during single target DPS is because it will highly increase the damage of your Rising Waterfall attack that will be used constantly throughout the fight. With Way of the mountain increasing the damage of Rising Waterfall due to Slayer's Bearing the crit damage from the attack becomes extremely powerful and depending on the raid or group buffs you have and your gear level you will be suprised how strong the attack is as it is the highest damage hit you will gain from any spec.

AOE Buffs
When AOEing use:
Focus of Body
Storm Blade
Way of the River
Slayers Bearing

The reason you use Way of the River over Way of the Mountain for AOE is simple, you do not have any followup attacks that you use with the AOE Macros so the increase of crit percent will better benefit you in the end. Lets say you have 25% to crit self buffed when using Way of the river you will then have 28% chance to crit making you crit more often on AOE attacks. Keep in mind there are better AOE damage Specs but the single target DPS in those specs are not as high.

Ranged Buffs
When using Ranged abilitys
Focus of Body
Storm Blade
Way of the Mountain
Slayers Bearing

If you do not have these buffs up during ranged fighting it is not a big deal since you want your buffs to be matching whether you will be doing Single or AOE damage when you return to melee range. The reason Way of the Mountain helps the most during ranged attacks is due to you will be using follow up attacks in your ranged macros.


For these Macro's to work correctly when switching from Melee to Ranged is to have your equipment saved to loadequip #

For example I use 3 different saved loadequips

/loadequip 1 - Loads my DPS gear with 2 Handed weapon
/Loadequip 2 - Loads my Tanking gear and sword and shield
/loadequip 3 - Loads my DPS gear and duel wield weapons

To save equipment put on the gear you want for that equipment save and type /saveequip 1 for example.

The macros I am linking will be using the loadequip # that I use for my macros as you can see above what the number will load onto my character.

Single Target Main Macro

#show power strike
loadequip 1
cast Proper Timing
cast Rising Waterfall
cast Inescapable Fury
cast power strike
cast frenzied strike

Single Target Finisher Macro

#show Strike like Iron
loadequip 1
cast Strike Like Iron
cast Fiery Burst
cast Frenzied Strike

AOE Main Macro

#show Mighty Blow
loadequip 1
cast Mighty Blow

AOE Finisher Macro
(when using this macro try to only have to hit it once when using strike like iron as proper timing is best used right before bladefury and will make bladefury instantly crit for high damage on up to 10 NPCs around you. Proper Timing is on a Minute Cooldown in this spec so it isn't that big of a deal if you mess up as you will still cause high ammount of aoe damage)

#show Bladefury
loadequip 1
cast Strike like Iron
cast Proper Timing
cast Bladefury

Ranged Builder Macro

#show path of the wind
loadequip 3
cast Proper Timing
cast Path of the Hurricane
cast Path of the Raptor
cast Path of the Wind

Ranged Finisher Macro

#show strike like iron
loadequip 3
cast Strike Like Iron
cast Fiery Burst

The final 2 macros are nice especially when soloing.
The advantage to using these macro's is the Mark of Inevitability will reduce your targets armor by 539 and increase the ammount of damage you do to that target

Charge Macros

#show Bull Rush
cast Mark of Inevitability
cast Bull Rush

#show Thread the Trees
cast Mark of Inevitability
cast Thread the Trees

There are a couple other advantages to this spec. Thunderous kick is nice if you pull agro on something, also it can be used on the last boss of Gilded Prophecies when you need knockbacks to keep the slimes from popping the bubble so that is a good ability to keep on your action bars.

You also have a Interrupt in this spec that always needs to be on your bar as well as there are many cases a warrior is in charge of catching interrupts on bosses, as well as helps when soloing and your fighting a caster mob.

You will also have Fleet of Foot that will make you run much faster. I myself use this if i need to get out of an area fast during a boss fight, also when I get knocked off my mount while running through an area I will pop it to get away from the mob long enough to re mount.

There are a couple items that can benefit you while using this spec or being a melee DPS in general.

Farclan Chocolate Cake - you get this from the Farclan Quatermaster in Ember Isle. If you cannot find where to get it ask a guild mate for directions or help. This cake inceases your attack power by 20 for 30 minutes

Elder Tablet - This Tablet is really nice because it increases your Power/Energy/Mana regen and at the same time increases your strength and wisdom by 19 for 15 minutes. As a warrior we can get to be very power/energy starved and the Elder Tablet helps alot with that. You can recieve Elder Tablets by doing rifts and invasions.

If you have any questions about this build or need any explanation about this build or its Macro's feel free to message me ( Humpy ) or Mallade as Mallade is currently using my spec for DPS now and is really enjoying it. You may also talk to me in Vent about it or Email me and I will reply as soon as I notice I have an Email. Title the Email DPS Spec so I know right away what i'm getting myself into opening it as I Ignore most emails due to the high amount of trash emails.


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