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Drowned Halls Under Kool's Leadership

By: Gunndish

This was my first assault with Kool. Seems he has similar problems that we had faced when trying to get the troops to check their calendars or missions and arrive at the correct time. Had some time to chat with the others beforehand. I recognized Prissi, though we've only corresponded through mail previous.

Kool ended up getting a lot of mercenaries for this assault, but two of them were from my own Family. I was happy to see them, but they were both subdued. I found out after that Illiase was not having a good night.

We arrived at the top of the stairs as normal and prepared for the upcoming fight. There isn't much to tell from here on out. We took out each mob in succession and each captain before taking on Hydriss.

They had a different fighting tactic than I am used to with my Family, but our strength was overwhelming and our healers superb. We need not have worried about the tsunami Hydriss is well known for, you can cast it if you are already dead.

I didn't worry about the loot, most of my gear is better than what these enemies have. Though I'm still on the lookout for the one trinket of Hydriss'. It was not there this time, perhaps next time.

I took my leave after thanking the leader and my comrades. I look forward to fighting alongside them in the future.

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