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Rift Raid Guide - Stillmoor (Terror Of Undeath)

By: Archy

Toward the end of each phase, make sure you're near enough to the edge of the rift so that you can run out of danger when the phase ends.

Phase 1
Roles: 2 tanks, 3 Healers, 1 Support, 4 DPS

(2 Golems + 1 Lich) x 4
MT will tank both the golems slightly away from the Lich, while the OT picks up the Lich.
Golems must be taken down first, preferably with max single target damage.
The Lich can be interrupted

Phase 2
Roles: 2 tanks, 2 Healers, 1 Support, 5 DPS

4 Dark Attendants standing by 4 orbs.
Clicking on an orb gives a timed buff that protects the user from massive crits from the Dark Attendant.
If the MT positions themselves between the Orb and the Dark Attendant, they can run to the orb, click it, and pick up the Dark Attendant all in a short period of time.
When you click the orb, it channels, but you don't need to finish the channelling in order to get the buff.

Phase 3
Roles: 2 tanks, 2 Healers, 1 Support, 5 DPS

A single giant to begin with that splits into two smaller giants when killed.
Each time a mob dies, it will do aoe damage to a large area.
There will be a total of 31 mobs to kill since from the top level they split 5 times, meaning 31 aoes.

MT will grab both ads initially, until the OT picks one up and takes it away from the MT.
Everyone is to SINGLE TARGET DPS the OT's ad.
When the OT's ad splits, a single one needs to be focussed down.
Marking can help in this, but towards the end they die pretty quickly.
My advice is to hit the smallest one you can see that everyone else seems to be hitting.
If you're not sure, just hold back. There's plenty of time.
If the raid has just taken a few AOEs in a row and people's health are looking kinda low, completely stop dps.
The raid can very easily be wiped in this phase.

Phase 4
Roles: 1-2 tanks, 2 Healers, 1 Support, 5-6 DPS

12 Energy Orbs things
MT must pull one at a time carefully and drag them away from the rest.
The Orb will charge one random player (seems most of the time to be people at around 20metres), and will then do big AOE damage where that player was.
So where possible, spread out.

Phase 5
Roles: 2 tanks, 2 Healers, 1 Support, 5 DPS

Luthas Darkblade
Will spawn two different types of ads.
OT must grab these ads and pull them away from the group.
Explosive Horror will explode after about 5 seconds.
??? Horror shields Luthas, but will die easily or despawn after 5 seconds
Luthas has an ability called Death Touch. Not quite the Touch of Death, but try and interrupt it if you can.
Luthas also stacks a healing debuff on the MT. If it becomes too much to heal through, switch tanks for about 10-15 seconds so that the debuff can drop off the MT.
Quite an easy fight really just tanking and spanking.

Phase 6

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