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End Game Pacific/Oceanic Raid/Legendarys

Saighdiuir de na Faolchu
Saighdiuir de na Faolchu
Posted On: 11/02/2012 at 01:42 AM

Hey all Dievoit here.  I am currently playing a raid ready Thief and would like to do some more raid content and Legendary component play.

I really like the idea of the Slayers section unfortunately that does not jive to well with my playtime.

That being said if you are interested in this content and have a pacific/oceanic schedule please post your interest and playtimes below.  I would be happy to lead groups if we have the people, need and want for this content for anyone with these playtimes.

It would be really nice to get some interest and get a group or two with a couple alternates rolling a few nights a week or more.  Even if it's farming end game karma and prereqs for the legendarys.

Also any feedback from the elders would be much appreciated.  TY and I hope we get some decent response.

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Caomhnoir de na Fhiaigh Corcra
Caomhnoir de na Fhiaigh Corcra
Replied On: 11/02/2012 at 01:27 PM PDT

Good to see you starting something! There are two WvW events during your playtime as well if you are interested. We have Fog's Club Gaiscioch tonight at midnight pst and in another week or two will be restarting the Saturday WvW event. This time of the year can mean less players online at that time as in Aussie and NZ anyone who is at uni has exams atm, and then in to Christmas holidays. For farming legendary mats I would advise starting with a solid 5 person group and building from there, likewise form a 5 person expert dungeon crew. Many of us are casual players with busy lives, so you may have to be patient, but eventually you will find a group. When I started with the guild I loved 10 man raids in Rift, but the only group (Bentmer's) going at the time was at USA play times and was full. I started my own group and within weeks we had 5 or 6 groups started by others and a flourishing raiding sub strata gearing players into the (then) GSB raid. That said, GW2 is not pve-centric so you have to be a little inventive. Fog has set up Gaiscioch to give anyone the infrastructure and framework to group up, and at least one event (if not 5) per week to suit different timezones. The rest is up to individual players to organise as they choose. However when in the Oceanic timezone, you just have to work a bit harder making contact with people. But eventually it will happen if you persevere. Good luck!

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Ban Ridire de na Iomproidh Donn
Ban Ridire de na Iomproidh Donn
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Replied On: 11/02/2012 at 02:46 PM PDT
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I'd be up for it, just got 3 more weeks of classes/study/exam for the year and was thinking about scheduling some more oceanic runs for the summer holidays once I'd finished for the year.

Life's too short for regrets
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Seaimpin de na Ulchabhan OrĂ¡iste
Seaimpin de na Ulchabhan OrĂ¡iste
Replied On: 11/02/2012 at 03:43 PM PDT

Weekday I usually log on around 8:00 pm PST and play till around 11-12.

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